3 Dates to Beat the Heat (And Heat Things Up)

A few different ways to keep cool (while getting hot) during this warm season.
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Over at Glamour’s “Smitten” Sex and Relationships blog, a post was made about a lady who said a visit to her local summer Farmer’s Market turned into a steamy rendezvous that included strawberries and whipped cream. We started thinking about how this time of year couples tend to hop into bed and avoid touching each other because of the heat, and tried to come up with a few different ways to keep cool (while getting hot) during this warm season.

1. Late night ocean adventures

If you’re fortunate enough to live near the ocean (or a lake, or a river, I guess?), you know that during the hottest days of summer it can be packed with kids, families, tourists, and (the worst) teenagers during the hot afternoon hours. However, around dusk the crowds start to dissipate, and it can provide a romantic (and much cooler) spot to spark some romance.

2. Ice party

I don’t think much explanation is needed here. Freeze some cubes, pull back the covers, and get busy!

3. Embrace the heat

This may seem like backwards logic, but taking a hot yoga class together will invigorate your senses, cleanse your mind, lower stress and make the air outside seem cooler. Plus, studies have shown that practicing yoga heightens sensuality, intimacy and confidence in bed. And on top of that, men are visual creatures… watching a lady do a downward dog or dancer pose will definitely be a turn on. You may have a hard time even getting back to your apartment ;). And guys — don’t feel awkward taking a yoga class; it’ll improve your strength and flexibility. And the world’s manliest talent agent can do it, so can you!

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