3 Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep

There are some things we all like to keep private, from past relationships to family issues… just things we’d rather not talk about, even with someone we love. That’s okay, because certain things that aren’t anyone’s business but your own. ¬†However, there are other things, that although uncomfortable to talk about, must be approached honestly if you ever want your relationship to work, and here are three.

1. You do/don’t want kids

Whether or not you want children in your life is a big deal for some people. And although discussing the subject is often awkward, as one party might think it’s moving too fast, it could be a dealbreaker for other people. So mentioning, casually, that you’re very much intending to have children (or not), is extremely important.

2. You’re not satisfied in bed

The fake orgasm is something almost 100% of women have had, and although you may think of it as “not a big deal,” men are very offended by it. Be open about your satisfaction and men will be more than happy to oblige. Similarly, gents, if your lady isn’t being as adventurous in bed, she’d appreciate hearing what you want!

3. You’re unhappy

If you’re feeling down, whether it be because of your significant other or not, they would want to know. Keeping feelings to yourself is just bottling them in, which will inevitably lead to an outburst. Being honest about your feelings, no matter how crazy you might think they are, is important to keeping your relationship healthy and happy.