5 Signs They’re Not Mature Enough

Part of a great relationship is feeling young at heart when you’re together, laughing and goofing around and not caring if you look silly. However, there is a certain level of maturity you should be able to expect from your significant other if you two are in a long term committed relationship. If you notice that your partner is exhibiting some of the signs below, it might be time to have a talk, or unfortunately, end it all together.

1. They’re financially unstable

Having money isn’t the issue here. In a state whose unemployment rate has been hovering over 10% recently, being financially secure is not a guarantee. However, being financially unstable is a whole other matter. If your boyfriend or girlfriend earns money, but blows it on non-necessities, or prefers to spend it on themselves instead of you, it could mean they aren’t mature enough to handle money. This is a sign you may not want to make an emotional (or monetary) investment in them.

2. Not just messy; gross

Sure all dudes are preternaturally formed as disgusting creatures, but generally they are just more accepting of bodily functions. And some women are just less concerned with personal hygiene. But for most of us, taking care of our cleanliness and having a moderately neat home are important traits, and if you’re dating someone whose home you believe could make you sick, it’s probably time to get out of there.

3. They’re not progressing

We live in a world these days where the idea of “success” has changed dramatically. College and then a 9 to 5 job are not immediate indicators of success, and creative types do have a chance of making it. On the other hand, if your boyfriend thinks his band is still gonna make it even though they practice once a week, or your girlfriend has asserted she’d rather be a housewife than make an effort, you two are no longer on the same page. Constantly working to improve your life is the essence of success, and everyone should want that.

4. They aren’t sexually selfless

Although a vivacious sex life is generally a sign of youth, a sex life that is generally aimed at pleasing yourself is no sex life at all. If you’re dating someone who is generally unwilling to satisfy your needs and desires, it’s probably a sign that their selfishness expands into other areas.

5. They don’t take responsibility

Your significant other could actually having trouble with the following four problems, but the true test of their maturity is whether or not they take responsibility for those problems. Perhaps they’re in a rough patch, but if they say, “I know I haven’t acted very maturely recently but I’m working on it,” you’ll know they’re trying. But if they blame their problems on their job, their family, or just society in general, this is the number one sign that points to immaturity. It’s probably time to head to a site like Match or Chemistry to find someone more serious about growing up.