5 Things That Are Better When You’re Single

So, you’re single. Maybe it’s been a long time thing, maybe you’re freshly alone. But you may be seeing couples everywhere – out to lunch, at a bar, at a park, and think that your life is obviously less fulfilling than those who are knee-deep in relationships.But guess what? When you’re single, there are tons of things that you can do better and easier than those who are coupled up.

Here are just the top 5 things DatePro knows you can do better single.

1) Working out your body — and mind

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to forgo a workout in lieu of dinner and drinks with your mate, but when you’re single you can concentrate on improving your self, but externally and internally. Spend time running, going to the gym, and reading new books or trying new things. When you’re not dependent on someone else’s plans, you’re more likely to be in your best form.

2) Spending time with family

Dating often leads to you spending more time with your partner than with your family, which is totally understandable, but why not take this time when you’re single to visit your family?

3) Being with friends

Being with your friends, like spending time with family, takes a back seat when you’re coupled up. When you’re single, reconnecting with friends can be a great way to avoid loneliness. And don’t just pick one to leech onto — connect with many, so you can appreciate all their different personalities.

4) Taking a trip

That may seem like the last thing you want to do when you’re single, but taking an adventure along can be an adventure you’ll never forget. Just be sure to pick a safe destination, and be smart in your choices!

5) Cleaning house

Both figuratively and literally, take stock of your stuff and clearing out whats unnecessary is a good way to being life again. Get rid of stuff you never use in your house, and rid your life of people who don’t bring any value to your friendship. The feeling that people get after a cleanse diet is more than just physical… its mental and emotional too.

Instead of considering it to be a curse, consider the time that you spend single as a gift, to reconnect with yourself, your friends, and family, and when you date again, you’ll be more a catch than ever!

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