5 Things Women Own That Annoy Men

It is often said that women dress for other women instead of dressing for men. The reason for this is usually, well, men never notice what I’m wearing anyway, why would I care what they like? Which is why the success of the babydoll dress, boho pants, and hair “BumpIt” ¬†happened despite men hating all three. However, women may want to start taking into consideration their clothing and accessories that actually turn men off altogether, and maybe only wear them out with friends, and not on dates.

1. Small, yappy dogs

You might think little Tinkerbell is cute, but that yappy little ankle-biter is a huge dealbreaker for guys, especially guys who like dogs, because save for the very few small dogs that are extremely well trained, most are annoying, loud, and just plain obnoxious.

2. Huge sunglasses

Although you love the Audrey Hepburn look, the truth is the huge face-covering sunglasses are a cue to guys that you could be hiding something awful under them.

3. Oversized sweaters

The Olsen twins made the huge sweater popular, and we all adored it. Perfect for a cold day or a day where you’re feeling bloated or fat, the oversized sweater is your best friend. Guys though, see one thing: homeless woman.

4. Super-scented candles and lotions

Bath and Body Works is like Mecca to women in the mall, but unfortunately, when a guy walks into your house and it smells like coconut-vanilla-sea breeze-lavender, all they smell is a headache.

5. Super sticky lipgloss

It makes your lips shiny and seductive and comes in more colors than most guys knew existed. And while they’ll probably admit it looks sexy from a distance, they’ll also say once it hits their lips it feels like someone is spreading grape jelly on their face, the type of grape jelly that never comes off.

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