5 Unbearable Dating Habits

We all have pet-peeves… little details that for no understandable reason just irk us more than others. Some people are very demanding about the brand of their toilet paper, others can’t stand when people get up during a movie to use the bathroom. And while you may be caught off guard by a person’s crazy quirks, there are a few habits in dating that are almost universally hated.

1) Monopolizing the conversation

There should be a decent give and take between two people, especially on a first date. Of course you want to share information about yourself, and give your date a good idea of what kind of person you are, but over-sharing, exaggerating, bragging about your life experiences or just generally trying to sound too smart is an instant turn of for almost anyone in the dating world.

2) Talking about your ex

No one, I can promise you, no one likes hearing all about their date’s ex situation. If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship, you can of course mention this, but going on a 10 minute rant about how depressed you were or how much you hate your ex is an ultimate downer.

3) Getting overly sexual

Especially if you’re having a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant, no matter how good you think your chemistry is, dropping creepy sexual innuendo into every other sentence is going to do the opposite of what you intend it to.

4) Pushing on a wall

If you are very interested, but can tell that your date isn’t really all that into it, it’s probably a good idea to back off. You know exactly how it feels when a person pursues you that you are uninterested in, so don’t push that kind of awkwardness on your date. The harder you push, the more they’ll back away.

5) Pushing your ideas and beliefs on people

It’s great to have passions. Whether they are spiritual, political, or any other -al. However, a first date is the last place you want to start spouting those. Further on in the dating game your date may find it attractive that you’re a passionate person about whatever cause you stand for, but it will come off as too forward and very unpleasant.

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