5 Ways to be Irresistible to Women

When it comes to being attractive, women sorta got dealt a better hand then men. I mean, the breasts, the hips, the butt… and all you guys have to work with is a face some gear in your pants that we don’t see until the third date. In general, women are initially drawn to a man’s stature, face, and clothing when they  first see you, but even if you don’t have the triple threat of attraction, it doesn’t mean all is lost.

The guys at the UK Ask Men (who have accents, which gives them a leg up in the hot department) came up with a pretty solid list of ways to be “irresistible” to women, and while they aren’t all failsafe, you might as well try them, you know, take all the help you can get!

1. Be confident

This one seems like a no-brainer, and yet still some men don’t take the hint. Even if you’re insecure, acting confident (note: not cocky) will improve your attractive level by so, so much.

2. Be spontaneous

Randomly sending flowers to her office, without calling or giving her notice, is a great way to show her you’re thinking about her without being over the top, and women love a guy who’ll take a risk like that without being asked!

3. Be thoughtful

Flashy, expensive gifts are not always the way to go. Although no woman would be depressed with diamonds, gifts that show you actually listen when she talks make a bigger statement. If you know she likes a certain band, buy tickets for the next time they’re in town, or a mix CD with other songs she might be interested in.

4. Be adventurous

Asking a woman on a date will generally have much higher return if you mention something exciting and fun instead of the old dinner and a movie card. Ask her to an exotic restaurant or to go rock climbing. She’ll be more inclined to say yes if she thinks you’re not boring.

5. Be classy

Women are more attracted to men who are grown ups. Ordering Bud Light everywhere you go and wearing flip flops and cargo shorts at every event is guaranteed to be a turn off. Learn a little about wine, buy a tie, and just… grow up a little. We want to have fun with you but we also want to know that you’re progressing in life.

It doesn’t take a massive life change to attract women, it’s more the little things that count. So take these small steps and you’ll be attracting women in no time.

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