5 Ways to Enjoy a Blind Date

Blind dates are the dating world’s equivalent to┬ásky diving or bungee jumping. You have no idea what you’re getting into, you’re nervous and afraid that one screw up could ruin the whole experience (although I suppose you probably wouldn’t die).

Just as with jumping out of a plane or off a platform, there are certain steps you should take to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the excitement that is blind dating… here are a few tips to get your nerves under control, whether you’re meeting a family friend or someone a pal met on Match.com.

1) Get dressed up

Feeling good about the way you look is the first step to enjoying yourself. When you feel attractive, you’re more likely to be confident and self-assured on your date.

2) Drop your expectations

Decide to have fun no matter what the night brings. If anything, your date could be a complete psychopath with no common decency. But hey- imagine the great stories you’ll have for your friends!

3) Laugh

There is always something funny to find in a situation, even if it’s awkward. By letting your serious face go and just enjoying the moment, you’ll find times to laugh and have fun, even if it’s because they’ve had broccoli in their teeth for 30 minutes.

4) Drop the insecurity

Even if you feel uncomfortable with your new haircut or think you won’t be attractive enough for them, keep your head up and don’t bother feeling insecure. On a blind date, it’s your one time to realize that you’ve got NOTHING to lose.

5) Watch the alcohol

A few glasses of wine will loosen you up. 6 of them will make you sloppy and unattractive. Sip slowly and don’t lose your cool, you’ll have a great night!