5 Ways to Impress a Guy on Your First Date

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog discussing the numerous ways that women sabotage first dates, and we realize that maybe our attempts at dishing advice are making dating seem more a hassle than fun! Here, we’re going to take a more positive approach, explaining a few of the great things you can do that will make your date go great!

1) Eat.

If you’re out to dinner, the last thing a guy wants is for you to take three bites of your $30 entree and leave the rest. Eat! Enjoy your dinner and show that you like eating. Although we’ve come to a point in life where eating is more a necessity than a past time, history and science show that eating together can be gratifying and pleasurable.

2) Laugh

You can always tell when a person is fake laughing. It comes out forced and unnatural. So don’t take this advice as a hint to be obnoxious or superficial. But if something is funny, laugh! There is no need to hide your mouth or try to play it coy. Guys like a girl who’s not afraid to have fun even if she looks a little silly.

3) Be a good listener

There seems to be some misunderstanding among humans that only women ever want to be listened to. Although ladies do like to talk (and will usually admit it), it doesn’t mean your date doesn’t want you to hear his part too. He might patiently sit there waiting for a break in conversation, but he probably has something to share too. So quiet down and ask him questions, too, and he’ll be glad to go on a second date with you.

4) Be polite to the service people

Whether it’s a server, busser, host, or valet guy, being polite to the people waiting on you is a great sign. Even if you think you’re receiving poor service, be patient and polite. Being understanding and composed will show your date you’re not one to blow up over little things. If you lose it when the waiter brings you ranch instead of Italian dressing, he’s gonna be wondering how many other things you’ll blow up over.

5) Pick your topics wisely

Your RHONY addiction or your best friends recent breast augmentation should probably remain as friend-conversation. Instead, be prepared with some interesting questions or conversation starters, like about high school hobbies, what sports the like, or traveling. Showing that you’ve got interests away from MTV will be a huge turn on. (Side note: Probably keep the “religion/politics” talk for date 5, you don’t wanna scare him off!)