5 Women’s Habits Guys Hate

We’ve all been told a million times, guys are simple. They like simple things, like football, and beer, and pizza, and boobs. And while that’s really stereotypical, it’s pretty true, and the simplicity of the desires men have in relationships is just about the same. They’d like a nice girl who’s pretty and goes a little wild behind closed doors. Unfortunately, there are aspects about women that men can’t stand. Just like women can’t stand when guys don’t listen, there are little habits women have that drive guys up a wall, and here are a few.

Not knowing how to cook

Guys don’t expect every woman they meet to be able to whip up a 5-star meal in 30 minutes. They do hope, though, that they can boil water and maybe concoct some simple dish that doesn’t taste like cat food. Not only does a lack of kitchen skills reek of irresponsibility, but it means they’ll be going out to eat a whole lot, and that stuff don’t come cheap!

Knocking his friends

Just as a woman never wants a guy to say he dislikes her girlfriends, neither does a guy want his girlfriend to talk about his buddies. Saying you think “Todd is a total jerk,” is basically signing yourself up to never be invited out with his friends again.

Gossiping about stuff men don’t care about

“And then he said she’s gotten fat and she walked up behind him and got super pissed, but really she has gotten a little fat and you know she kinda looks pregnant even and OMG by the way-” STOP. Guys detest drama, especially in highly concentrated doses that you save up all day at work. Call your girlfriends to gossip, or better yet, don’t do it at all.

The “nothing’s wrong” lyric

Telling your guy that “nothing’s wrong,” when something is clearly wrong, is pretty much every guy’s biggest pet peeve. They don’t want to figure out what’s wrong, they want you to tell them so they can fix it and get on with their lives. Women are far and beyond more perceptive of peoples’ emotions, so give your guy a a hand and let him know why you’re upset. Chances are they had no idea they even made you mad.

Letting yourself go

Yes, it came to this. Guys are visual creatures. They like to look at you, and although it might take a few pounds before they notice, the second they do… The last thing you want is to realize your guy isn’t sexually attracted to you, so even if it’s for your own sanity, keep a healthy lifestyle. You have to be honest with yourself and realize you’d be turned off if they put on a whole bunch of weight, so keep yourself in good shape too!