5 Wrong Assumptions About Men

Although it’s probably generally agreed upon that women are quite a bit harder to read than men, there are still some things about men that women falsely assume. They are usually negative, and it’s unfair to assume that all men are soulless sex-maniacs always looking for the newest hottest thing, whether its an LCD TV or a younger woman. Here are DatePro’s top 5 worst assumptions women make about men.

1) Men are less emotional than women

Sure, he might not cry at every cancer story on Grey’s Anatomy, but that doesn’t mean he has completely turned off all emotions. Guys feel many of the same emotions as women, from insecurity to fear to rejection, along with perhaps even more related to the rules of masculinity. The fact that they don’t cry every ten minutes is more a testament to their strength than their lack of feelings.

2) They only seek sexual relationships

Women are often believed to only be capable of a sexual relationship if there is emotion involved (which is also a myth), but that doesn’t mean men are constantly on a hunt for the next booty (well, maybe if they’re on AdultFriendFinder, haha). The reason men can have great sexual chemistry with a person and not need an emotional connection with them is because they usually have such great friendships surrounding them. While often women ditch their girlfriends when they have a relationship, guys maintain their solid group of friends, giving them the perfect balance of friendship and sex.

3) Men aren’t intuitive

False, ladies. Just because they can’t read your mind when you are angry at them for not remembering your 2.75 month anniversary, doesn’t mean they aren’t good at reading your emotions. Studies have shown that although women might notice subtler signs, men see the whole picture much more intuitively than women.

4) Men don’t listen

You know that face that he sometimes makes when you’re having (what you think is) a very important conversation? It looks like he’s probably fantasizing about eating a NY Strip steak or making out with Angelina? Well, I won’t go so far as to say he’s always listening, but sometimes, he is! There have been numerous studies that show that while women might say “mmhmm,” “yeah?” and “oh really?” during a conversation, men are usually able to recount more of what was said than women. Believe it! Unless of course you’re giving him a play-by-play of the last Sex and the City. Then he’s probably dozing off.

5) Men are afraid of commitment

Afraid is the key word here. While you might think your guy is afraid to make the leap into marriage or just a long term relationship, the truth is they’re just more level-headed about the whole situation. While you might be blinded by love into believing you could could be together forever, there is about a 51% chance that isn’t true. His distaste for commitment isn’t born from fear, it’s born from logic!