5 Wrong Assumptions About Women

Despite the advancement of the female sex throughout the years, there is still a somewhat sexist attitude towards women in the dating game. Oftentimes, men make assumptions about women aren’t necessarily true that end up sabotaging a potential relationship, and here are 5 of the worst.

1) We can’t drive

I’ll give it to you, there are a LOT of women who fall into the “bad driver” stereotype, usually due to texting, makeup applying, and generally spacing out. However, assuming that every girl you get into a car with is a terrible driver is completely unfair, because some of the worst driving I’ve ever seen is by guys.

2) If we’re single and want to hang out, it means we want to be in a relationship. With you.

Wrong-o, buddy. The truth is, women find it much easier to be in friendships with guys than vice versa. If we’re single and want to hang out with you, that doesn’t mean that we want to marry you and make babies and be together forever. It might actually mean we just wanna hang out. Period.

3) If we’re in a bad mood, it’s because we’re PMSing

First off- even if we are PMSing, I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU DEAL WITH CRAMPS. (ahem) Sorry. In reality, there are lots of things going on in our brains. Assuming that any type of rough day or stressful mood we have is due to our “lady times” is insulting and will, most likely, make us more angry.

4) We preternaturally have cooking and cleaning skills.

On the contrary, lots of us ladies were just as spoiled as you growing up, and aren’t all that aware of the best way to make lasagna or what temperature of water to clean whites in. Throwing us a white shirt and saying, “Hey babe, can you wash this?” very well could garner you a pink, two-sizes-too-small tank top.

5) Marriage and children are in our 5 year plan

To be honest, marriage and children might be the last thing on our list. These days, an education, a solid career, and making money are oftentimes higher on our priority list. If you think you have to break up with the smokin hot lady you met on Matchmaker.com because you’re assuming she’s gonna get too serious, you better ask her first. You might be losing the best thing that ever happened to you.