92% Of People Live Together Before Marriage

I realized that the world was becoming more progressive when my mother, a devout Spanish Catholic, said that it was a “smart idea” for a boyfriend and I to move in together before we started talking about marriage. Of course I already knew that, and we had plans to move in together anyway, but it was a shock to hear it from my mother, who I assumed thought I was still a innocent virgin who had never even seen a boy’s bed.

So it was only a bit of a shock to me this morning when I read that 92% of British newlyweds already live together. This number is a stark contrast to 25 years ago, when only 10% of couples cohabited before getting married. This information was discovered from a poll by eHarmony.co.uk. Dr. Gian Gonzaga, Director of Research & Development at the company, said of the results:

“Whilst a lot has changed in the journey couples take to marriage, one thing remains true. It is important to take the time to understand if you and your partner will be compatible across the long haul.”

The survey compiled a few other stats that were fairly interesting, including that half of newlyweds had spent time “on a break” before getting married, and that more than a third were already raising a child together before marriage. This is far different than 25 years ago, when only 20% had ever broken up before getting married, and a minuscule 9% that had a child before getting married.

These numbers show many things, one being of course Gr. Gonzaga’s conclusion, that people are taking the time to prepare and ensure they are ready for marriage, but also that we as a whole might becoming more progressive about sex and relationships! Here’s to fingers being crossed that this trend can help us stem the flow of teen pregnancies, divorces, and child neglect.

What do you think? Would you prefer to live with a boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage, or would you rather wait until you are officially husband and wife?

Via eHarmonynews