Americas Biggest Online Dating Liars

Everyone fudges a little on their online dating profile. If we were all 100% honest about our flaws, no one would EVER get a date. However, some are more honest than others, and according to (one of our least favorite dating sites, we should note) polled their male members to ask how many, er… “fibs” they let slide in their dating profiles.

Here are the top five:

1. Washington, DC – 37% of their men say they lie in their dating profiles, mostly about education level and career

2. San Francisco, CA – 35% lie about their career and money

3. New York City, NY – 34% lie – about just about everything

4. Philadelphia, PA – 33% lie – mostly about height and income

5. Miami, FL – 31% lie, mostly about their relationship status and height

So there you have it. When trolling dating sites for men in those cities, be sure to prepare yourself. They might be way shorter, way less educated, less wealthy, and might actually be married. GREAT!

Via HuffPo