Are Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Legal Prostitution?

In a recent article in the JewishJournal, Ilana Angel details her experience at a LA party for the dating site,, the website for sugar daddies seeking hot young things (and vice versa). She called it “disturbing,” “sad,” “creepy,” and full of “hookers, transvestites, creepy men, and desperate women. ” While we’re not sure that an older Jewish woman has exactly the same standards as the average single, we could definitely imagine the party being… strange.

The creator of the website, Brandon Wade, is also behind the website NameYourPrice, which we once profiled with a similar question: is it prostitution? , spoke to Ilana, and when she brought up the million dollar question, he reportedly answered that “all marriages were legalized prostitution.  Love was irrelevant because at the end of the day men wanted sex and to feel like men, and women wanted men to take care of them financially.”

Now, that seems incredibly over-simplified, sexist, and possibly even misogynistic, but it brings us back to the website. If women aren’t looking for love and just want to be taken care of, and the men they meet have money to burn, and they both enter the “relationship” with that mentality, is there anything wrong with it? Sure, there’s the potential of one person to fall for the other, ending the relationship with heartbreak, but don’t all relationships have the potential of ending that way?


What do you think? Are sugar daddy websites basically legalized prostitution, or are they just another type of relationship in the ever expanding dating world?


Image via ConsumerRanking