Beat a Player at Their Own Game

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Once you’ve gotten to the point where you realize you’ve been dating a player, and you want to get a little payback for the time you wasted, there are a few ways to end the relationship that will give you closure and let you have a little fun. While we don’t condone trying to get “revenge” per se, a little taste of their own medicine is something the Player could really use.

1. Turn off your phone for a couple days

If the Player used to you being available anytime, it’s time that you give them a little shock therapy. By immediately ignoring their calls (or turning your phone off all together if you’re really daring), you’re showing them that you aren’t hanging on their every word. After a few days, answer a call and be casual. If they ask where you’ve been, just say you’ve been busy. It’s time you show them you’re moving on.

2. Go on a date with someone else

By making an effort to move on, you’ll help yourself (and the Player) realize that the dependency you may have had earlier is just mental. If they happen to run into you while your out having a blast, then that’s just a bonus!

3. Do NOT give into the booty call

Even though you might know you two have sexual chemistry, the awkward day after and your likely guilt will not be worth it. If you’re libido is on a fast train to disaster, though, try out a site like AdultFriendFinder. That way, your needs can be satisfied without giving in to the player’s advances.

4. Keep things casual

If you do end up going out with the Player again, keep your guard up and don’t let them try and seduce you like they’ve done before. Be social and nice, but don’t get all googly-eyed over them. And if you happen to see someone that catches your eye, don’t hold in the desire to check them out. The Player is notorious for the wandering eye, and now you can be too!

5. If you want to keep them around, keep your emotions in check.

Life is short, and sex is fun. There is nothing wrong with dating a player if you don’t get attached and are safe about it. They can be romantic and exciting to date, so if you’re alright casually seeing them, then go for it. Just make sure you don’t fall for them and practice safe sex.



  1. Christine /

    Here’s how you beat a player. Once you identify he/she is one, you see how you can “play” him into buying you drinks and dinner in attempt to woo you into bed. Get him to wine and dine you, then don’t put out. After a few dates he’ll get the picture that he’s not gonna get laid, be out of cash, and didn’t get laid. I do it all the time now that I can identify them immediately. I might as well get a few dinners and have some fun while I shop for a real man right? Stupid players, once you understand them you are at the total advantage. And I NEVER have sex with players, you cannot control a man if you have sex with him (except if you are married to him lol) No player cons me, I use their power against them muha ha ahahahahahaha

  2. RachAngel15 /

    The only person that can beat a player at his own game, is that she is a player too, simple as that!