5 Best Gifts For Guys

Guys always seem to believe that buying a gift for a woman is difficult. Sure, every woman is different, but if there is a trait we all have, it’s the art of dropping hints. Prior to a holiday, birthday or anniversary, we will often subtly  (or not so subtly) mention little things we’d sure like to own. Perhaps it’s a necklace we’ve been scoping out for months or a fancy dinner that we’d feel bad asking for on any other occasion. So when guys say it’s “hard to shop for a woman,” what they’re really saying is “I am oblivious to anything she says or points at while in the 4 walls of a department store.”

Men on the other hand, are impossible to shop for. Ask a boyfriend what they might like and you’ll get a nonchalant “whatever,” or, “anything.” Which isn’t anywhere close to the truth, because if you’ve ever gotten a guy something he didn’t like, you’ll know he will stash it in a closet and never look at it again, even if you spent hundreds of dollars on it. DatePro has decided to make it a little easier on you by providing some no-fail gift ideas for the guy who has everything.

1. Massage

Although a guy will never intentionally set foot into a spa, if you purchase him a massage, he will love you forever. No matter how many 5 minute half-assed massages you give him, nothing will compare to getting one from a 60 year old Russian woman with the pain of the Cold War behind her hands.

2. Electronics

Always a great gift, but make sure you bring along someone who is tech-savvy, or you might excitedly hand something to him that has been obsolete since 2004.

3. Decor

Okay, I don’t mean to pick up a knock off Vermeer or lots of candles, but by framing some of his beloved posters or getting him a couch cover to hide the beer stains is a good way to show him you care while also improving y our own standard of living. Double points!

4. Porn or toys

No man has ever been unhappy receiving porn. A few videos that you two can watch together or a subscription to a site is a fun way to show you like to keep things spicy… or you could splurge on a super fancy toy you could bring into the bedroom.

5. Sports tickets

This is quite a splurge sometimes, but buying decent tickets for his favorite sports team will make his day better than probably most of these other suggestions. The best part of this gift is when you don’t force him to bring you, and buy them for him and a buddy. Although he might offer to take you, he would really rather go with someone who didn’t call it “foot game.”