Bisexuality in the Online Dating World

In a very interesting article on the Huffington Post, self-proclaimed bisexual Maria Burnham discusses the complications of the online dating world as a person who is open to dating both sexes. As a bisexual, she says, it’s more difficult to navigate and use online dating sites, as many allow members to only say they are gay or straight, despite their being a growing population of Americans that identify as bisexual., of course, was basically unusable for a person like Maria, as they don’t even offer the option to select both men and women as an answer to the “who you are looking for” question. This is unsurprising, of course, as Match is widely known as a dating site with Christian-leanings (even offering a women-seeing-women answer is a step forward). OK Cupid on the other hand, allowed a more widely cast net – allowing her to specify that she was a woman seeing men and women interested in bi women.

Then came another turn off – four of the twenty-four men who contacted her stated they were in a relationship and were looking for a third to join them in a threesome – not at all what Maria was looking for. And furthermore, even those who didn’t specify that they were in a relationship but claimed they were only interested in bisexual women – well, that doesn’t sound like much more than a threesome hunt either.

Needless to say, it seems Maria, and likely many other bisexual singles, feel lost and out of place in the dating world.

What about you? Any bisexual men or women out there with opinions on the online dating world? We can imagine there are many more stories to be told!


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