Can Women Find Attractive Men Solely Based on Their Profiles?

We all know that when making an online dating profile, or heck, even just making a Facebook profile, we tend to use the most attractive photos of ourselves we can find. Why wouldn’t we? However, according to a new study, men who do this with their dating profiles may be doing it in vain, because some research claims women can pick out an attractive man just based on how he describes himself in his written profile!

Psychologist and Villanova University Associate Professor Rebecca J. Brand asked 50 women to judge 100 online dating profiles for men between the ages of 22 and 25 from an online dating site. The catch? The women were shown the men’s photos and written profiles separately, then asked to judge the profile’s author or the man in the photo on traits like confidence, sense of humor, masculinity and overall attractiveness.

Interestingly, the women didn’t even need the photos to figure out who were the attractive guys! The researchers believe this has to do with the amount of confidence that attractive men have over average-looking guys. This confidence, the researchers say, may be the trait that draws women to them in the first place!

However, it leads me to wonder which came first: the confidence or the looks? Are women drawn to looks that inspire confidence, or vice versa? The most likely answer is that our society values looks over any other personality trait and therefore those who are good-looking find it easier to be confident in themselves, but I do wonder if it’s possible to have enough confidence that women are, erm… “tricked” into believing you are better looking than you are!

What do you think? Are attractive people just more confident, naturally? Or can enough confidence be the attractive trait in itself?