Couples Who Met Online Fact-Check Michelle Obama

While we don’t dabble in politics here on the DatePro blog, we thought it was interesting to see a former First Lady’s name pop up in online dating news. Via Indy100:

Her most recent episode of The Michelle Obama Podcast has got her in a litttttttle bit of hot water.

Speaking with comedian Conan O’Brien, she said ten fateful words that got a lot of people talking:

“You can’t Tinder your way into a long-term relationship.”

Now it’s clear Michelle knows a thing or two about maintaining a successful relationship.

But others weren’t so happy with this short, out-of-context quote.

Casual dating websites and apps can actually be a great way to meet both Mr. Right or Mrs. Right Now, so we especially agree with these tweets from people who said F the idea that online dating/hook up culture is damaging – we all meet in different ways and thats A-OK!