Dating After Coronavirus

We’ve talked a lot about how dating has become almost entirely  VIRTUAL these days – with lockdown and stay-at-home orders, singles have resorted to sext-only dating and spending a whole lot of time alone. However, while restrictions are slowly lifted and people will start meeting up in public again, dating in a post-pandemic world will still be different as we navigate a world where it’s safe to go out, but maybe not get physical. So, what will it be like?

According to one writer at the NYTimes:

If you do decide to meet, what do you actually do? A socially distant stroll is the new second base after Zoom, but it’s unclear what comes next. One single man (notably, a doctor) told me that even when restaurants and bars reopen, he’ll feel safer setting dates at his apartment. He realized women may be “skeptical” given “Netflix and chill stereotypes” (not to mention serial killers).

At some point — when a mask comes off and the sparks of a first kiss fly — there has to be a choice. No more cognitive overload. Locking lips suddenly means forsaking all others, or at least keeping others six feet away for 14 days.

Do you think that’s true? If getting frisky with someone new, will you self-quarantine for 14 days? Will you avoid other friends to make sure you don’t pass anything on you may have contracted?? We’re not sure how it’s going to go, but there will certainly be new dating rules in a post-pandemic world… we’ll just have to wait to see what they are.