Dating Faux Pas

A Faux pas is defined as a violation of accepted social norms or etiquette rules. There are fashion faux pas, social faux pas, and political faux pas. We have found through dating experience that there are also dating faux pas that are consistently noticed on first dates. Here are a few of the worst.

1) Being indecisive

The first date can be nerve-wracking, we’ve said it a million times. The last thing you want to do is say something that will totally turn your date off. However, don’t be so afraid to state your opinion that you “don’t care” where you go to dinner and “will watch whatever” at the movies. You’ll either appear boring as hell or just very intimidated. Either way, it’s not cute. Don’t be afraid to say “no,” if you hate Thai food or Coen brothers movies (even though that’s just crazy).

2) Interrupting

Even if you’re busting at the seams to share that you LOVE pancakes too! it doesn’t mean you need to cut them off and never let them finish their statement. Interrupting constantly is one of the most irritating habits a person can have, because it just screams, “I’m more important than you!!!”

3) Being a Naysayer -or- a One-Upper

You know these people… you say you saw KISS in concert in 1989 and they say they liked KISS way before that. Or you say you once saw a pigeon eat a lizard and they demand that you’re wrong. Nobody enjoys feeling like they are uninteresting or “less cool” than you. If you tend to be either a one-upper or a naysayer, keep the negativity at home. It’s unattractive.

4) Trying too hard

Hey you, in the tux, with the flowers. Slow it down. The first date should be casual and fun, not stressful. Before you start running to open every door (or reapplying makeup every ten minutes, ladies), remember that you’re just trying to get to know each other, not trying to present yourself as something you’re not.

5) Bringing up the taboo topics

Assuming you aren’t a Southern Baptist who met their date on, it’s probably best to avoid talking about religion,. Similarly, some topics to avoid are politics, money, or ex-boy/girlfriends. Keep the conversation light and casual, or else you could potentially ruin a great first date.