Everyone Needs Alone Time

The title of this post might seem like I am about to talk about break ups. That’s not the case. This is about the all important “me” time that many couples seem to forget about. We all know that when we get into relationships we tend to lose certain friends and stop certain hobbies, but this might be more detrimental to a relationship than you’d think.

A friend of mine and her boyfriend recently moved about 200 miles north of us to a town where they didn’t really know anyone. They both work for the same company and live in a one bedroom, somewhat out of the city with not much to do in the vicinity. They moved there 6 months ago. They have broken up twice.

Many of our other friends supposed the time together made them realize how incompatible they were for each other. I had a different opinion – I think it was the close proximity and the lack of outside friends or hobbies that took a perfectly great couple and drove them INSANE. There is a common term, “Cabin fever” which doesn’t always have to do with staying inside. Sometimes it has to do with being with one person, almost 24 hours a day, with no release in the form of other friends or even just ALONE time.

So how can we make this better? There are a couple ways that you can find time for yourself, even in a busy lifestyle:

1. The gym: not only will it better your health and physique, but it’s a great time to put on some headphones or read a book and just be inside your own head.

2. A class: local community colleges often offer very cheap or even free classes in art, photography, writing, and more. You might be hesitant to go back to school, but it’ll feel like a nice escape and you’ll learn something!

3. Get outside: as the seasons turn to warmer weather, take the opportunity to go for walks outside in the morning or afternoon to clear your head. You’ll be more stress-free without spending a dime!

4. Call someone: if you live far away from your friends and family, find sometime to give a parent or close friend a call and just GAB. Sometimes there is nothing more important than just getting some stuff off your chest. Surely someone you trust will spare a few minutes to let you vent.

5. Write in a journal: if your friends and family are busy or out of your time zone, try picking up a journal and WRITING your feelings out. In a journal there is no one judging you or how you feel, just pages and pages of space for you to talk about things that perhaps your significant other wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) want to hear. Combine this with the “get outside” part and you’ll have a nice relaxing alone time day!