How America Describes Itself In Dating Profiles

Americans, unfortunately, often tend to come of as arrogant and boisterous. Perhaps its how much emphasis is put on America being THE BEST COUNTRY, #1, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, etc etc etc, from grade school up until the adult news we watch every evening. However, according to R. Luke Dubois, an artist who put together a series of graphics called “A More Perfect Union,” we’re actually a whole lot more insecure than we come off.

Dubois analyzed dating profiles from people across the nation and then created the infographics to show how self-deprecating Americans tend to be when describing themselves in their dating profiles. Take this graph for example, which shows the amount of people who describe themselves as “funny”:

Based on the key on the bottom right, we can see that the higher percentage of people that label themselves as funny, the brighter the color blend will be. Nearly the entire map is a dark purple, showing that very few women or men across the nation would call themselves funny. Now let’s look at people who would label themselves as “lonely”:

As you can see, this map is quite a bit brighter than the other, showing that far more men and women from almost all areas of the country consider themselves to be lonely, or at least say so in their profiles. Depressing, isn’t it?

Dubois says he believes that this comes from the tendency of dating sites to use uber-positive language all the time. As people click on adjectives that describe themselves, they are pigeon-holed into nice terms that they might or may not actually feel about themselves. Like say “introverted” instead of “shy.” Some people are just plain SHY, and it has nothing to do with being introverted. He says once they get to the blank page of describing themselves they want to be a little more honest about who they are, and who they are looking for. We’d say he makes a pretty good point.

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