How Legitimate is PlentyOfFish’s New Site “eVow”?

PlentyOfFish is one of the most popular dating sites around today. Why so, you wonder? Is it because of the high quality of customer service, easy site navigability, and quality members? Unfortunately, that’s not the case — it’s popular because it’s free. Casual daters flock there, looking for a free way to find a fling.

So when the guys behind PoF announced that they were planning on launching “eVow,” a dating site geared only towards those looking for long term relationships, we were pretty, uh, taken aback, to say the least, especially when they said they were planning on making it a paid site.

Now, we understand that online dating, just as any other type of industry, is a business, and making money is a high (if not the highest) priority. However, when you have your successful free site for casual daters and decide to launch a website thats goals and methods are a complete 180, you’ve got to wonder if money is the only factor.

In his blog post announcing the new site, founder Markus Frind stated that he “looked around the market and noticed that no one was actually catering to people that wanted to find relationships.”

Um. What? I’m sorry, can we discuss the sheer ludicrousness that was just uttered? There are no dating sites that cater to relationships? Let’s see here, eHarmony,… the two biggest names in the business… aren’t catering to people looking for relationships? Did I miss some sort of breaking news that those sites are actually green card scams? Because as far as I know every commercial for either of the sites shows couples, in love, with their marriage date written directly below their names. But you’re right, Mr. Frind… you found the one niche that no one had discovered yet. Genius.

According to his blog, within a week after posting the link to the new site on PlentyofFish, he had 100,000 new users. So… 100,000 new members, that were PlentyofFish members, who are used to casually dating, and not paying, the two aspects of your new site that you plan on weeding out. Interesting.

As the online dating industry continues to expand, it’s only expected that unique ideas would slowly taper and innovators would have to start retooling the ideas of the past, but by starting a website with the tagline “eVow: it’s more than dating,” we can only laugh.

Let’s just hope that it’s a joke.



  1. Hello: I have been on plenty of fish for a long time. I met a gentleman and he was a real gentleman, but things did not work out. Now I am on eVow only a few day, I met a jerk and all he wants to do is coming over to my place to sleep with me. He has never invited for coffee/dinner but wants to get in my bed. I don’t him, but one thing i can say, he is a show-off, he brags a lot, try to impress people. I am a lady with class, self respect and I set my standard of living and no man regardless of what site they are on can get be in bed for first or second date. Too many infections out there with men and women sleeping. I am going to stay on plenty of fish, but for eVow they are too expensive. I join for one month and they charge my credit card for 6 months. They have to give me back my money. I don’t want to be any site that I have to pay all that money. Most of the people on these site are out to play head/mind games, if you allow them to.


  2. Both are horrible. You get people behind keyboards. A couple of text and they want to exchange phone numbers. First thing they as for is sex(not that nice) then they email-text you a sample of their product. Have had decent luck when complaining seeing them dissappear off the site. Then they change their name and they are back again!!!!!!!!

  3. I am a member of both EVOW and POF. I joined EVOW when it was created and I don’t need a green card. In my opinion EVOW was created to help the people who were more serious in finding a long term relationship or a relationship that hopefully would end in marriage. The fee in my opinion is a two fold. #1 it would help weed out the ones that were just online dating time wasters and those who were looking for as many hookups that they could get before they died from a STD. #2 it gives a little income to those that so nicely provided POF for free for all these years. I am a very real person and even though I have not found my soul mate yet I have met some very real and nice local men. Even met a really nice one not so local, all in real life. On occasion you find those that are challenged and are rude or down right scary. Or those that can’t admit they are the reason they are not getting dates. Or people who get angry when you choose not to answer their one word or unappealing messages. Guess it is just easier on some peoples egos to say the site is fraud.

  4. SingleThought /

    Well I am on evow, I mean you can only really blame people but evow does sell lies saying people are serious, From other peoples comments in live I have been told I am cute, smart and funny.
    I had met a few really crazy girls on there and then I met one and we hit it off… I do work so I couldn’t spend all my time with her, We ended up having sex on our second date and it was not planned, not to blow my horn but I am good in bed and I know it. I was busy but got off the site and assumed she did too but I called her 3 days later since I hadn’t heard from her and she had moved on already but wanted to be friends (BF in reserve I am guessing) which sprung me to get checked for STDs and found I was clean but I am sure only due to using a condom which she didn’t like. I later found out she had a total of 4 kids by 3 guys and I was sickened, On POF I blame the people but on evow there is no real site filtering so the site is to blame as it pretends to have such filters.
    BTW girls if your looking for an incredible guy your going to land a gerk. nough said

  5. I have tried many dating sites but pof would have to be my favourite as far as its user friendliness. Saying that despite there being many “available” woman, I have personally never had any reply from them. I have had woman email me first but they seem to be just looking for one thing themselves I.e the first msg I received was from a young lass in plymouth asking if I wanted to ejaculate onto her breasts. This is not the sort of thing I am personally looking for. In short use pof if u want verification of how attractiive you are or if your just wanting casual sex. If your looking for a relationship do not bother!

  6. dating sites are like religion, there are some good people there and then there are some bad people there unfortunately for the dating sites there’s more bad than good

  7. lily /

    I tried POF more than 3 years ago. It was 100 percent free. After meeting shallow men, I did end with a very decent guy. We dated for 3.7 years until circumstance changed everything. But we did have fun together. I just wish it was a happy ever after,not so but have no regrets.

    If not for POF I would not have the privilege of meeting a very gentleman guy. Wish I will have another one like him again and this time for good.

  8. Hello. I for one thinks its a GREAT idea! i mean, im a relationship girl and have tried many sites that are out there! most of them are for men who are horny and bored POF has PLENTY of those men! and my guy friends have said that the women on there are there for prostitution AKA want to get paid! i could not believe it! and eharmoney? OMFG! I “Tried” to join but it was an endless questioner it was sooo long and borring! not to mention the insane amount of money the ask to join! thats just NOT fair! when others meet on a everyday casual activity! then there is ANOTHER SITE FULL OF CREEPERS! and i can testify first hand! i even went as far as having someone reported after he made a move on one of my friends when i wasnt looking! WTF? the rest of the men i dated from match had severe ex-gf issues basically, they were still hung up on them! so i def caceled my membership! waste of my hard earned money! only to meet unstable creepy guys. so i started Evow about 2-3 days now and so far. i have not gotten bomborded with random creeper dudes saying how hot they think i am, so far, everyone’s profile seems decent and really show they want a stable relationship! i know it has not been long but it def feels different and for a woman like me, tired of the online creepers, its like a breath of FRESH AIR! i was supprised to find that the ppl behind POF created this site but so far so good so dont talk so much crap if you DONT REALLY KNOW!

  9. Several people keep blaming the site for the bad behaviour of the members.I am sure that there must be some legitimate people on PoF.There are many men-young through to the older 70 yr olds who are only looking for sexual relationship,although I do not think relationship is correct!Have had many 20&30 year olds propositioning my 60+ year old self which leads me to believe that we have a mentally challenged group of young people out there,preying on women-for sex?money?perhaps to physically harm them..who knows??No one at the top is checking profiles or pictures when people join…Many women have put totally naked pictures of themselves on their profiles! Many young girls,heavily made up,in alluring positions,1/2 dressed,on their beds.Some women,even,take close ups of their private parts to show and entice men… Do you wonder why men think that we are on this site,for only one reason?Maybe,some women are ruining it for the rest of us!

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