How Legitimate is PlentyOfFish’s New Site “eVow”?

PlentyOfFish is one of the most popular dating sites around today. Why so, you wonder? Is it because of the high quality of customer service, easy site navigability, and quality members? Unfortunately, that’s not the case — it’s popular because it’s free. Casual daters flock there, looking for a free way to find a fling.

So when the guys behind PoF announced that they were planning on launching “eVow,” a dating site geared only towards those looking for long term relationships, we were pretty, uh, taken aback, to say the least, especially when they said they were planning on making it a paid site.

Now, we understand that online dating, just as any other type of industry, is a business, and making money is a high (if not the highest) priority. However, when you have your successful free site for casual daters and decide to launch a website thats goals and methods are a complete 180, you’ve got to wonder if money is the only factor.

In his blog post announcing the new site, founder Markus Frind stated that he “looked around the market and noticed that no one was actually catering to people that wanted to find relationships.”

Um. What? I’m sorry, can we discuss the sheer ludicrousness that was just uttered? There are no dating sites that cater to relationships? Let’s see here, eHarmony,… the two biggest names in the business… aren’t catering to people looking for relationships? Did I miss some sort of breaking news that those sites are actually green card scams? Because as far as I know every commercial for either of the sites shows couples, in love, with their marriage date written directly below their names. But you’re right, Mr. Frind… you found the one niche that no one had discovered yet. Genius.

According to his blog, within a week after posting the link to the new site on PlentyofFish, he had 100,000 new users. So… 100,000 new members, that were PlentyofFish members, who are used to casually dating, and not paying, the two aspects of your new site that you plan on weeding out. Interesting.

As the online dating industry continues to expand, it’s only expected that unique ideas would slowly taper and innovators would have to start retooling the ideas of the past, but by starting a website with the tagline “eVow: it’s more than dating,” we can only laugh.

Let’s just hope that it’s a joke.



  1. I’m a nice guy. I frequently go on to POF, but I never have any luck. Not to be a hot shot, but I’m a good looking guy, I have a good job. I just don’t get it. Ok so I only engage good looking women with good jobs. So what! Maybe all the good looking women with good jobs on the site have alot of men who say stupid things, get harassed even, but I don’t do that! I think all of those women only recieve emails. They never go looking. This online dating thing is an opportunity for both parties to see if he/she is chatting with a good match. You have to engage too. And don’t use the site if you aren’t seriously interested on going on a date. That is where you will get to know someone. Not by chatting. Saying that there are alot of freaks out there is a cop out. Everyone is different. Mankind is so diverse. It takes two to play, so put a helmet on, grab a bat, and step up to the plate. Geesh!

  2. Online dating is horrible anyway. I got an email this morning telling me how good evow is. I didn’t sign up.

  3. the trick with pof and evow is not to take them too serious and not to pay anything to these con artists, i met a woman on pof a couple of years ago and we were going out for a few months things were good she had 4 kids who i got on with really well then she told me she wanted to end it, i finally got the truth out of her and found out she was going out with at least one other guy who she met on there, the moral of this story is dont trust dating sites and if you really want to meet that special someone just hang in there you might bump into them someday its just playing the waiting game, good luck

  4. Lisa Stockert /

    I cant believe I just got kicked off of evow!! trying to set up an account and I guess I hit the wrong answer…Got a message basically I wasnt wecome because the phrased the same question 3 different ways and I answered it differently twice!! SERIOUSLY?? I cant even get there to tell them to stuff their site up there ass! As for POF? at first it seemed ok but then I kept getting discusting pictures and disturbing emails!! WTH? Just because Im not looking for a relationship, these freaks think its Ok to talk to me that way? Dont get me wrong, Ive talked to some really nice men on there and even met one. While it wasnt a match…we have become friends and hang out!

  5. Hi everyone and thanks for all your posts about eVow. I have two reasons for being thankful: 1. I was thinking of joining eVow and now I absolutely will not, and 2. I realize that I’m not the only one who keeps finding scammers, players and creeps on these online dating sites.
    The thing is, I met my now ex-husband online in 1996. We were innovators and he was the first and only date I went on. We were together for 16 years, married for 10 and we’re still very good friends, so I know these sites can work.
    From what I gather though, we’re not the problem. There’s nothing wrong with us. We just have morals and values that we think everyone has, or we give the benefit of the doubt that they do. The point is, don’t be hard on yourself and think that because there are so many freaks out there that it’s a reflection on you. I know I’m a good catch and I know I have a lot to offer.
    I was just thinking “What the hell is wrong with me that this keeps happening?” Every guy I meet on POF and Match doesn’t want to go out on an actual date and for “some reason,” if I’ve exchanged numbers, he can’t talk on the week-ends. I was about to give up like others on here, but then after reading your posts, I found renewed hope. There are others out there like me and I know that because you’re on here.
    The problem is being able to find each other. So I’m asking if anyone out there knows of a good site or has a good method of picking the winners, please let us know and post it on here.
    One last thought: A woman wrote about hypocratic guys wanting a girl with the perfect hour-glass figure but themselves looking like someone shit on them. I don’t think it’s our looks that matter because beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Many guys like larger women and vise versa, and we can’t let the creeps make us feel bad about ourselves. And just think, if you do have a decent figure, you still get shit on, but often on a grander scale.


    I was on POF for very short periods of time in the last 2 yrs. Each time I signed up, I would get disturbing e-mails from the majority of constituents. Perverted, insane, insulting, degrading, accusatory, vicious. My account was deleted three times out of 6. No reason given except the standard issue bullshit list. Therefore we can deduct several things.

    Let me start off by saying the second to last time I signed up, the very first email I received was from a 55+ yr old fart in some town GA. He screamed at me in caps saying that all of us fake profile people should get a life and get the F off the site. This was unprompted. No idea who this coward is or why he chose to email me such histrionic abuse. I explained that I did not sign up to be abused on a dating site and to cease and desist all communications with me. I then blocked him. The sissy boy must have reported me because I had a few more emails after his that were relatively benign and uneventful – and suddenly my account was deleted for some unforseen violation.

    I signed up again and explained my acct was deleted and asked CS to review the email sent to me on that account and please investigate why they unceremoniously deleted my account. Note: his profile was permitted to stay!

    A few men have reportedly designed womens profiles on POF to experience the stories their female counterparts have reiterated about unwanted contact. They too, saw the underbelly of seemingly ENDLESS pissed off, entitled men who could not handle the experience much less rejection. They were shocked at the foul abuse men would write to their accounts. This is NOT a lie. No matter how nice a woman is – a man on there often feels it is permissible to harass and interrogate women on there for perverse, out of line behavior. Try it yourself and see what women have had to deal with if you don’t believe it.

    The last time I logged in was was LAST NIGHT after yet another asshole felt it necessary to report me for some unfavorable response he felt was not to his liking. I never make first contact. If someone is rude enough to send me first contact insulting or foul emails, I will respond by explaining they do not have the right to do so. I then block them. Then my acct mysteriously gets deleted while theirs stays up!

    I got a WARNING note to which I decided to do their shitty exit survey and promised to write about their crap service and extortionist type of warning system to get members to pay.

    I deleted my account there. END of that scumpond. It will become obsolete as MYSPACE did when enough people find body bags full of people who dated freaks like the one who screamed at me in that one email. There will come a time very soon where this site will be nothing but the second flush to a very bad burrito experience.

    Interestingly enough – consider the VERBIAGE in the list of generic violations you are accused of (could be any single reason at any time) an note the fine print in bold letters. You can AVOID this type of deletion by attracting better quality people by signing up for EVOW which is their pay site.

    Perhaps no one reported my acct.

    Perhaps MARKUS is now deleting accts inferring that it will stop if we pay up.

    How is that for trash marketing? Threatening to say the least.

  7. I just deleted my account on POF and joined evow(which i will delete now) POF is horrible i met all kind of guys with one interest and that’s sex. Too many young guys on there wanting to have sex with older women. I think i’m nice looking but it’s so hard to meet someone when you’re working all the time trying to better your life. Well i guess like many of you good people on here i too shall be alone. POF was a waste.

  8. POF Stands for Plenty of Fish, It should be called Plenty of FOOLS. I’ve been on other dating sites but this one is the big winner for men who lie. I also can’t believe all the young guys wanting to have sex with older women. I even left most everything blank on my profile once and got tons of messages saying they liked what I had to say on my profile. I’d rather be alone then with a man that is so stupid he thinks I’m going to fall for that crap. And the players are unreal on POF. I fell for one and thank goodness I only met him once and that was enough. He was on POF 24/7 and wanted me to think he was busy working. Trick here is sign in as someone else and hello,,,, there he is,, on line all day long. Girls when you have a gut feeling about some guy, listen to your gut. It’s usually right.

  9. Barbara /

    I am getting OFF Evow. There are little if any men in my area and all I seem to get are messages from people out of State. I am trying to delete my profile photos before I leave and cant do it! Evow has a problem with its website (so they say) and it keeps asking me to re-sign on to delete my photos.. but Im already signed on. I have asked them 6 TIMES to delete my photos and they have YET to do it. IM OUT OF THERE!

  10. i agree i tried these dating sites all they want is money i tried harmony,zoosk,retired singles, like pof and evow i wrote to a lot off ladies no response,i feel i not good enough for them.I am christian single man in his 60/5/7 average build loving and caring .I am sure a woman would enjoy having me just say yes. they dont known what there missing.

  11. cathy /

    What is with the young blokes thinking 40 plus women really want to be an online cougar to them, one asked do I like younger men….my reply I love my sons very much not looking for another. I know there are real men out there wanting a real women for genuine relationship surely one of these websites can get it right. 7 years on my own guess it will be longer , here and waiting for a real man for real relationship!! Pof , evow and RSVP get rid of scammers

    the person pretends to be a Sargent in the U.S. military and then after about a week says he loves you…(odd)
    then soon after he asks for you to send $850.00 “one way or the other” so that he can send his sons school some sort of “miscellaneous fee”
    He claims to be a widower that his wife died in a car accident and his “friend” is watching his son..who soon becomes deployed also!
    good luck and God bless!


  14. What a waste of time, effort and money. Marcus the so called inventer of this rubbish site should be thrown in jail. Scammers and people that just use the site as a free brothal. If his idea is so good, why was evow invented. So he could cash in on people that realised that pof is a waste of time, obviously. I would love just 5 minutes in a room with this guy Marcus. I would certainly get a result that would please millions of honest people.

  15. Evow is a total waste of money. I hardly get any emails and when I do they are not from local men. I did not find any suitably attractive men on this site and it was a waste of money. On another note, I get plenty of contacts from pof and have a successful dating life due to pof site.

  16. Debora /

    I went to POF less than two months ago. My daughter recommended I try it. Well what a nightmare. It took me a while to even figure out how to get off there. I never in my wildest imagination expected such disregard for feelings. They just want to play games. Oh boy do they know how to lure into their traps. Play with your head and heart. I had more very young guys after me. Even some my own age just bottom feeders.It was over whelming and disturbing.
    Just feel abused. It is the capital of scammers. It’s a good thing I have a good network of real friends to help me get through this. Now I’m just scared.

  17. Melody Wang /

    I agree with you guys! I and my friend tried POF and eharmey, scammers are all over. She said to my (my friend) Melody, we should give up….

  18. Cute pictures onThe guys on these 2sites are the worst they just tell you want to hear abunch of garbage but pof is the very worst the guys on this site want phone sex i had abad experience with one guy on this site but it left me stronger and to have respect for myself be leery of guys sending you texts during the am and pm cute pictures on your phone promising to call you and never does last communication and stupidly thinking we were getting along great

  19. sandra /

    What a joke POF and Evow was swcamed by a man named Jeffery Banks and I reported it and to date no one responded. The men are looking for a sugar mama of which I am not and they will not give you a chance to see if there is a connection unless you put out for them. Oh yeah they also want the Barbie Doll Hour glass figure and they look like someonje took a dump on them what a joke. I give up better to be alone and happy then to be used and abused by idiots.

  20. claire /

    e vow what a joke 99% of profiles are fake, sent to me by scammers. I can pick them a mile away. The profiles are to good to be true and pics are good looking blokes with master degrees.
    One said he was 49 he looked at least in his early 30′s full figured lol in the pic he was slim.. I just laughed the scammers cant get it right themselves.
    I thought id have a play with him and asked him where he was in Melbourne and i will give him a call. Straight away he msgs me back saying he was originally from the US moved to melbourne but was currently in India working lol thought so.

  21. Martin /

    eVow… A serious dating site, give me a break. POF and eVow are full of made up people and the real ones should still be in the nut house.

    Both are a complete waste of time!

  22. dont renew me after this month I will refuse to pay I just paid for this month I am no longer interested

  23. Ok guys you might know this and i have just reporrted a scam to police and there will be investigation on evow and the person. They might give you premium numbers to call and they will make money with it so please report it if you have found any and don’t let them get away with it


    THE 805 CALI

  25. I here what you all are saying about eVow. It really is a scam. Here is what I can’t understand though. How come an honest dating site like Plenty Of Fish ( I am assuming they are honest, cuz I have seen a lot of people really rave bout POF ) would be the parent company of, or have anything to do with a scam website?

  26. Michelle /

    I am a paid member on eHarmony and have had more scammers than legit responses. I was hoping that it being a paid site I wouldn’t get the scammers but they are there too. I am about to give up on online dating.

  27. Doesn’t matter what site you are on. There are scammers on all of them. I met several on senior people as well as So I am sure they are here too. Every person I had met on those sites were scammers. Crazy that so many people fall for their stories. I guess what I am saying is don’t just slam this site and just be aware that scammers are out there every where just waiting for an innocent soul to try to con.

  28. Scammers is all that are on this site. They contact you and want your personal e mai so they can get to know you better and send you pictures of them selves with their phony kids
    Always self employed, rich, doing business out of the country and within a week madly in love with you. Never have a phone number you can call. They “trael on business” a week after they contact you then they need money to get home or for a tragic accident to e treated in a hospital.
    Make them your favorite right away and then they disappear from the site, is you ask too many questions.
    scammers, never give them you personal info, Kelly LOve, Roland, JOhn Phillips are just a few.

  29. If you would like to be scammed from Nigeria or Ghana by an il·lit·er·ate person join EVOW. They are widowed, out of the country, Master’s degree, have children and are in need of help. They play on your sympathy and tell you how much they love you in about two hours of knowing them. And of course you are their soul mate. Baloney!!!

    They want money!!! Cellphones whatever…. I have reported several to this site and they just turn up again…THEY DON’T CARE THIS SITE IS BULL SHIT….RUN RUN RUN

  30. Howdy everyone! I have been on dating websites since my divorce in 1999. I am still single. Terrified to actually meet anyone on any of these sites mentioned as I know all the warning signs. My first few days on eVow I got several
    forigners looking for a reason to stay here in the US, paid male prostitutes, men who demand I leave the site and get on instant messaging, rave about my beauty and how wonderful my profile is (joke!) it ain’t. I will not pay for fakers, I will not give you 2 minutes of pleasure for 1/2 hour of BS. So what is wrong with these people?

  31. I have been on for a while now and I find it amazing that seemingly totally different men, from different parts of the country can write profiles that read basically the same…Bad grammer and all.
    I have come to believe that there are no real profiles on there but those that are created in some foreign internet cafe by a few scammers that congregate around the computer to search for photos and snappy attention grabbing headliners.
    I am really tired of getting notes from men that have grammer that is worse than my 3 year old grandson and the spelling is terrible as well. Then I go and read their profiles and the language is so flowery that one would think that it came straight from some romance novel….wait..maybe it does!
    Anyway…..I am removing my profile from there and going to try meeting men the old fashioned way….in the check out of the grocery store!

  32. Its a complete scam. Little or idiotic customer service, no real features that make it ‘serious’. Half the site doesn’t even work properly. Incredibly hard to delete your profile. Its basically a re-billing scam

  33. I should have read here first. Instead I made the mistake of joining
    Lured by tghe illusion it was going to be a serious website, filled with serious people.
    Instead what I found was a horrid mess of sacmmers and total BS.
    The sitr itself kept emailing me woth fake people interested and fake messages from users.
    I actually felt rather used and taken advantage of.
    I guess there is little hope in a small town, with few singles, to find a serious lady, whom is compatible with me.
    This evow site is sure of no help, its just a waste of money and my time.

  34. i have had scammers try to get me on all the sites including the best known pay sites

  35. Evow flash based picture updater won’t allow me to post any pictures, basically PC user only, no macs or iPad, stupid setup.

  36. Evow IS a joke and a total waste of bandwidth.

    Okay, so… Markus decided he’d create a site for marriage-minded singles. Quite a tall order for a site which has no human screeners to interview or teleconference with prospective members to find out whether they really want to meet that special person, or they just want to sneak in and raise a little hell. Usually, the latter is the case.

    If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is check out the posts to PoF’s forums and you’ll get an idea of how much immaturity, trolling, and rudeness is out there because no one’s watching the store. It’s not a case of just a few troublemakers knocking themselves out to ruin it for everyone else: probably 3 out of 5 people on PoF and Evow are jokers. Many of them aren’t even single or looking, they just want to troll everyone else on there.

    Online dating is the most EPIC FAIL there ever was. The only ones who get anything out of it are the companies who run the sites. If you really want to meet that special someone, then take my advice and start your own singles group on meetup dot com, and then meet everyone in real life. Meetup dot com is a troll’s worst nightmare and the jokers will avoid your group like the plague.

  37. It’s a joke, the people who are in customer service do not read English. You can send them an email and tell them they are idiots and they tell you the benefits of a paid subscription.

    Why on earth would a Muslim want to get emails that the site has matched them up with a devout Jew and vice versa? That’s just a joke, seriously!

  38. Sheila /

    I say it’s full of fake profiles. A male friend of mine, whom I met through POF events, contacted me today to say he’d seen my profile on eVow. He was surprised as he knew I wasn’t looking and had hidden my POF profile over 2 years ago. Considering I have never signed up on there I was more surprised than he was! Evow had changed my profile name, but used my pictures from my POF profile. I’m still trying to figure out how to make them get rid of it.

  39. keeps coming up as unavailable when i try to log on! Why? are they closing it in favor of the evow site which you have to pay for?!!

  40. This dating site (a spin-off of Plenty of Fish, only this one is not free) is a COLOSSAL joke and not worth spending 5 cents on. I recently came across an Ad for it while on Plenty of Fish so thought I would check it out. It claimed to be geared solely toward single who were seriously seeking long term relationships. The following excerpts in the description interested me:

    “We only allow singles who are actually looking for long-term relationships to sign up. No more browsing online dating profiles wondering if that person is actually serious about finding someone!”


    “At eVow, we use an innovative compatibility matching system that we created specifically for singles who are serious about finding long-term relationships.”

    After I created my profile, I did a search for men local to me. What a huge joke. One of my top matches was a man who indicated he was seeking a long term relationship……but then immediately into his profile he admitted to being married and seeking someone married as well for a “discrete adventure.”

    His was not the only one.

    The vast majority of men are “separated.” What a joke. One is clearly in no position to be seeking a true, long term relationship when they’re still legally married.

    This is the same kind of crap you find on a free site such as POF, but on this site, to have access to basic features you have to pay. Now WHY would anyone PAY to have to wade through players, dogs, fakers and married guys?

    Took me 10 minutes to DELETE my profile.

    Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your time like I did.

  41. annnndddd

    you cant even delete your profile unless its 24 hours old talk about holding someone against their will.

  42. Frustrated user…

    Its free to be an active member, to search, and to send emails, its free to play the will you go out with this person game, BUT as soon as you want to reply or see who likes you it takes you to a pay with your credit card screen.

    I have a few friends who signed up early they have free profiles there they can do anything they want but when you mix in people who need to pay to reply to messages and let them run around the site posing as “real” members ack your playing with fire. You are almost using real people to create fake profiles.

    What a mess how do you know who can respond who cant?

    I get the idea is to get people to pay but the sign up screen dosnt tell you anything about paying it just mentions free free free, the only way you will find out what it will cost you is to try and respond to an email.

    It seems to me this design will create a false userbase in time. There is nothing worse on a dating site then writing to someone and not getting a reply back. Now that I know they are mixing paid users and unpaid users I dont even think I would want to be a paying member. Nor do I want to be a free “fake” profile.

  43. ReVeLaTeD /

    “There are no dating sites that cater to relationships? Let’s see here, eHarmony,… the two biggest names in the business… aren’t catering to people looking for relationships? Did I miss some sort of breaking news that those sites are actually green card scams?”

    eHarmony doesn’t let you search. Its pre-screen test eliminates people it chooses to with no rhyme or reason. It caters to the religious and ignores the atheists and agnostics of the world. is a farce. There are numerous stories of various people posting ads where, yes, they do get people who seem to be interested, but’s pricing model makes it PROHIBITIVELY expensive to reply to any of them., another you didn’t mention, is basically a scam site. It will tell you that people are interested, but they haven’t expressed the interest, the computer is assuming they’re interested based on you matching what they say they want, which isn’t necessarily what they want.

    OkCupid is just like PlentyOfFish, same with HotOrNot.

    They need to bring back the old Love@AOL and Yahoo! Personals. Now those were decent dating sites.

  44. Hilarious and so true. Marcus is a nut, and has for the last year or so been pushing the relationship-oriented “serious dater” concept on everybody. Lame.

  45. Jessica /

    Just had a scammer on the site evow who was from another country but in the states… outside of Atlanta – demanded outside email and got mad about personal questions stated he already told me that info kept asking family info like parent names… and how close I was and where I was from and I had I been married and if I had kids


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