How to Avoid Getting Dumped Before the Holidays

Be honest: the most exciting part of your Facebook news feed is the little broken heart followed by a “[friend’s name here] is now single.” We get almost a sadistic pleasure out of wondering where and who and why and what went wrong.

Similarly, Facebook notifications often are the final nail in a break up coffin. Feuding couples on the verge of ending often hold out on making it public so as to not look wishy-washy, so when they finally decide to pull the plug on Facebook, you know there is something going down. This must have been the thought process the chart connoisseurs at Business Insider had when they decided to pull the valuable stats about break ups from Facebook to give us this great representation of breakups throughout the year.

The results are pretty compelling, right?!

As you can see, break ups peak during two times of year: spring break, and the weeks preceding Christmas. Many people have been making the joke that “no one wants to buy presents!” and as funny as that comment is, we think there is more behind the numbers… so how can we change this miserably depressing stat? Well, DatePro has a few ideas…

1) If you say “let’s not do presents,” mean it.

2) Spend time, not money

3) Be understanding, it’s a stressful time of year!

4) Don’t let your family drama spill into your relationship

There is no secret to a lasting relationship. People change and grow apart, they make mistakes and realize that maybe life isn’t as perfect as your honeymoon stage makes it seem. But follow your common sense and be compassionate, and your relationship can make the distance!