How to Know Your Fling is Fizzling

Man is one of the 3% of the animals on the Earth that for some reason believe in monogamy for life. Weird, right? And despite the alarmingly high divorce rates, people continue to expect that perhaps their relationships are supposed to last forever.

Even when we decide that we’re going to be single and flirt and have fun, many times we expect our flings to last, which is the opposite of the point of a fling, but like I said — humans aren’t the smartest things in the world.

If you’re involved in a fling that’s getting a little too far-flung, here are a few signs that it might be time to break it off.

1. You’ve forgotten what you liked about them

You used to overlook their weird habits because the sex was mind-blowing and you had fun, but now all you can see is their faults.

2. You (or they) keep blowing off plans

If you’d rather sit at home and watch TV then hang out with them, or if they seem to cancel plans frequently, the spark is probably gone.

3. You run into them … accidentally

They said they had “errands” to run, but when meeting a friend for coffee you see them at the restaurant next door, with a bunch of friends.

4. You have wandering eyes

The first weeks of a fling find you crushing hard, but recently you’ve been noticing other people on the street — and finding them more attractive, too.

5. Your friends say no

Your friends are usually a good indicator of how your relationship might be going. If they seem to be disapproving, saying you’ve changed or that they don’t think you guys are doing well anymore, there’s probably a reason.

If you notice these types of signs cropping up on a day to day basis, it most likely because what started as a fling is now fizzling, fast. So take a deep breath, assert yourself, and end it.

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