How to Say No to a Second Date

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You got up the courage and asked out that attractive someone from After a 2 hour dinner, all you can say is that you had nothing in common, he said he preferred blondes when you are clearly a brunette, or she  spit when she talked. But somehow your news-worthy awful first date still thought a second one was in order. In this case, you are going to have the unfortunate duty of rejecting the second date, which can be awkward and sometimes almost sad. Here is our guide to rejecting a second date.

1. Be nice

This might seems like an obvious one, but let the person down nicely. Throw in a “You’re a really nice girl” or a “I know you’ll find a nice girl” somewhere so that they don’t leave and hang themself from a lamppost somewhere.

2. Be honest

Don’t drop ait’s not you, it’s me,” because it’s not true. Something about them irked you, and while you don’t have to say “the way you ate made me nauseas,” you should say, “I just didn’t feel any chemistry.” The bottom line is, if you don’t be honest about disliking them, they’ll probably still chase a second date, and having to reject them a second time is going to be terrible.

3. Be assertive

They may try and weasel in a comment about how they were nervous, or that you should try again, but you must put your foot down now, lest they leave 20 voicemails promising to be better or show up at work demanding a second date. By saying “No,” you’ll be free to move on with your life- most likely to another first date you’ll have to reject again.