How to Spot a Potential Hook Up

If you’re a guy who’s not looking for a relationship, but who would love to have a fun night with a girl who isn’t crazy, clingy, or needy, there are certain girls you know you should avoid. They’re gossipy, overly-concerned with their looks, and probably have those crazy eyes that say, “I WANT BABIES.” However, how is one to spot a girl who isn’t nuts- who wants to have fun and possibly hookup, but isn’t looking to torment you with demands of commitment? Here are some easy signs to show that she is in it for fun, not stress.

1) At a party or bar, she’s independent and down to talk to anyone, and she isn’t in a hive of women obviously gossiping about every guy or girl in the bar.

2) She’s attractive and confident in her skin You can tell she takes care of herself and loves her body, no matter its shape.

3) She doesn’t play games. You can tell when a woman is trying to use her mind tricks to reel you in. The girl you’re looking for is honest and will tell you what she wants.

4) She doesn’t let any guy hit on her, but she isn’t rude. There are often two strains of women. Those who will let any guy talk her up just for a confidence boost, and those who will reject any guy who even says hi, assuming they’re trying to sleep with her. The girl you’re looking for is right in the middle, discerning, but kind.

5)  She isn’t falling over herself drunk. If you’re looking for fun girl to hook up with and potentially casually date, don’t pick the girl who’s sloppily spilling beer on herself or whose eyes are half closed. Not only will you feel bad hooking up with her, but she’s probably a bit of a mess anyway.

If you’re out and about looking for a casual partner, and you’ve opted to try the bar scene instead of sites like CasualClick, you’re going to have a hard time scoping out a woman who isn’t nuts or just… well, a floozy. So be careful, and good luck!