Lifestyle Choices That Make You More Attractive

We’ve all heard the same mantras ever since we were kids… eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke cigarettes or drink too much alcohol, and yet, we all continue to break all these rules. Unfortunately, one of the only reasons that people take care of their bodies is because they want to look good, as opposed to feeling good and being healthy and living longer. Therefore, those who feel unattractive or unwanted tend to ignore healthy lifestyles because they feel it’s pointless to try.

Luckily, there is an upside. There are so many ties between a healthy lifestyle and your appearance that people tend to believe are far off and impossible. But each and every day, little lifestyle choice will make you more attractive, and more willing to take on challenges of the world.

1) Go out in the sun

We all know frequent sunburns can lead to skin cancer, but being out in the sun for some of the day (perhaps walking your dog, taking a a bike ride to the store, or reading on the porch) can energize you and give your skin a nice glow, which is universally appealing.

2) Veg & Fiber up

A wholly vegetarian lifestyle is not only difficult to maintain, but can actually be detrimental to your health if not properly done. However, adding more vegetables and fibrous foods (beans, seeds, nuts) to your daily meals instead of carbs can help you lose weight without even trying, by keeping your digestive system regular and keeping you fuller throughout the day.

3) Step away from the computer

We at DatePro are fully aware of the attack upon our livelihood that the internet has threatened. Somehow, running outside seems to make the minutes stretch on for days, but sitting on Facebook for 2 hours feels like 30 seconds. Make a bold step and decide to only use the internet for an hour a day. Or, if you work with computers, stay off of them once you get home. You’ll suddenly realize how much more free time you have to try new things, and an adventurous guy or gal is far more attractive than a sedentary one :).