Love, Romance, and Facebook

‘Love, Romance, and Facebook: Modern dating in 2011″ is an article by Tobi Walsh at This article is by a high schooler. I take everything back. Good job, Tobi! Keep writing! You have a bright future ahead of you!

Anyway, her article raises an interesting question that is shockingly under-analyzed: what role does Facebook play in modern relationships? We’ve already discussed the fact that it can be the demise of a relationship and that it is now cited in 33% of divorce case hearings, but on the other hand, can it be the grounds for a new relationship?

Tobi’s article talks about the pleasantries of sharing your relationship openly through photos and public postings on peoples’ walls, and the ease of chatting and messaging while in the midst of a busy lifestyle. However, the relationship she uses as an example is between two Christian young adults who met at a music festival and then communicated via Facebook until moving near each other and then getting married two months later. This, of course, is not how most secular relationships work out. People want to know they are sexually compatible and usually live together for months before tying the knot. In such cases as that, carrying on a relationship via Facebook might not be the best way to forge a bond.

We would say that although Facebook permeates every corner of our lives these days, starting a relationships via the social networking site might not give couples the opportunity to create the real in-person bond that a relationships needs. How does online dating differ? Its main purpose is to create offline connections. One could potentially carry on a relationship on Facebook for months just by interacting via commenting and chatting (and that’s where the married folk get in trouble).

What do you think? Is Facebook a viable platform to meet and court a new mate? Or should new relationships take place face-to-face?