Make Your Man More Sensitive

If there is one feeling universally shared by women about their boyfriends, it’s that they wish they’d be a little more perceptive. To their feelings, their needs, their desires. In general, this wish goes unappeased. Guys are simple creatures, and your stand-offishness and small glares will go unnoticed until you finally explode in one of those “ARGGGG HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED I HAVE BEEN ANGRY WITH YOU FOR THREE DAYS?!?!?!”

To which they will usually reply, “No, I figured you were perioding or whatever.”

Never fear, though, ladies, science has found a way. Scientists have recently discovered that a spray, made up of the hormone oxytocin, can give recipients deeper feelings of empathy and emotion.

In the experiment, a placebo group and a group given a dose of the oxytocin nasal spray were shown various photos, like “crying child, a girl hugging her cat, and a grieving man.” Scientists noted that the participants given the dosage of oxytocin were exceptionally more empathetic to the photos.

Have we finally found a way to make men more emotional?! Well, I suppose drugging your boyfriend every time you want to share your problems with your mother might be a bit extreme, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? J/K.

Sidenote: the spray also seemed to enhance learning skills, but we can just ignore that for now ;).