Marrying A Younger Man Shortens Your Life

With the explosion in popularity of the “Cougar” lifestyle in the past few years, it it can only be expected for scientists to study the effect of older women dating younger men. And although the textbook definition of a cougar implies that they don’t plan on getting married to their younger beau, it’s not unreasonable for them to create a solid relationship that ends in marriage.

So scientists decided to take a hard look at the younger man/older woman relationship, to see if the difference in age has any sort of positive or negative effects on the female psyche or health, and lo and behold, it does.

The Danish experiment studied two million couples to see how the age difference correlated to their lifespan, and when it came to women, marrying someone just about their same age is the healthiest way to go- because a woman who marries a man who is seven to nine years younger than her has a 20% greater mortality rate.

These results are completely opposite of the men’s results: a man who marries a woman to who is seven to nine years younger than him actually has a lessened risk of death by about 11%.

So I guess while the CougarLife website may not last for long, SugarDaddie could stand the test of time, if only because it could help those SugarDaddies live longer!

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