Most Important Parts of Your Profile

We’ve done a few posts on dating profiles- photo tips, profile writing ideas, and the dos and don’ts of profiles. However, those were our tips, what does the general public want to see? Here are some interesting stats:

  • The most important part, as expected, is the photo. 61% of those asked said the profile pic was the main thing they looked at in a person’s profile.
  • Although it’s a significant drop in the numbers, a decent 20% of people said that spelling and grammar are the most important part of a profile. Keep the your u and r’s for texting, and use spell check!
  • 10% of people believe that a persons “About Me” was the most important. Don’t skimp on this part; even if the picture is important, forgoing the about me could really lessen your chances of meeting someone great!
  • The stats section was deemed the most important part of the profile by 8% of those surveyed, and only 1% of people care about the username. So don’t stress about picking a great name, and don’t lie (too much) on your stats. You’re better off concentrating on the more important parts!

Whether you’re meeting that special someone on JDate or just looking for a casual date on, it’s important to follow these guidelines to make your profile attractive to the most people!