Older Daters Are Taking Over

We often think of older generations as being uptight and prudish about dating, but it seems as though the creation of online dating may have changed that idea for the better! According to the DailyMail, more and more older singles are showing up on dating sites, and might actually be the new target demographic for online dating!

Industry experts believe the reason over-55s are thriving so much in online dating is the fact that marriage and children is no longer as much of a focus as it is for those in their twenties, thirties and forties. As a result, they are more relaxed about choosing a partner, basing decisions on mutual interests rather than whether they might make a good parent.

Another reason that online dating is enjoying a popularity surge among older people is that the divorce rate among people over 50 is high. The last U.S. Census found that 37 per cent of people in that age group were unmarried.

So, older daters are not only less inclined to overly-analyze potential dating partners, but there may be a wider dating pool for them than for 30-somethings!

Now, if we could only teach them all not to use Internet Explorer…

What do you think? Do you know any older folks using online dating sites?