Online Dating Sites Full of Cheaters?

Playboy’s doing research now? That’s new. Apparently, the men’s mag mega-corp surveyed 2300 people (nearly equally divided between male and female), looking to learn how the internet has changed society’s view on sex. There were many interesting finds, concerning the surge in people who watch porn (up to 78% from 40% in 1983) and peoples’ willingness to engage in public sex (76% compared to 35% in 1983).

Luckily, the poll ventured outside of sex culture just long enough to give us online dating industry types an interesting statistic. According to the poll, which won’t hit the magazine until June 2011, online dating has yet to reach its zenith, meaning more and more people are willing to give signing on for love a try!

However, the more detailed stat is a little less comforting. According to the poll, 33% of men and 23% of women admitted to using online dating sites even when in a committed relationship. That’s a third of men and nearly a quarter of all women! YIKES! The last thing a person wants when they click onto a dating site is to imagine that a quarter of their potential dates might actually be in a relationship already.

We hope that if people want to cheat, they’d stick to the dating sites made specifically for them, like AshleyMadison or, and keep our nice wholesome dating sites for singles clear of your baggage!

What do you think? Is using an online dating site while still in a relationship cheating? Or is it okay as long as no physical infidelity happens?

1 thought on “Online Dating Sites Full of Cheaters?

  1. Yes, absolutely it should be considered cheating. I am in a relationship that’s been ongoing for a lil over 3 years. We met online and it’s been a bumpy even rough stretch of road a lot of the time. Your asking, “then why ate you still together. Honestly we do love each other. We live together, and I’d say that a good 70% of our arguments n bickering is Internet dating sites driven. For about a year and a half after we met and then moved in, I knew she was texting other guys, he’ll she told me she was, and not to worry they were just old friends. And for that 1st yar n a half I trusted her like no other. She’d go to concerts without me, go outta town with friends, text these other guys and I dealt zero threat and I was confident in our trust and faith. You see, I come from a small town where I was born n raised,hell my parents were high school sweethearts and graduated from the same school me n my brothers attended, so when I think of an old friend I think of my friendships which some are 37 yrs old (I’m 42) come to find out these “old friends” we’re actually old Internet dating sites hook ups or whatever you want to call em. And she has managed to keep in very frequent contact with, let me see theres Norcalkid66, Dodger, Michael, Curtis, Steve, and on n on. When after a year of being oblivious really I did find out, she left her phone on and when I grabbed it to use it a text had been left open and “old friend” Dodger (whos name is Ken andlives in the Fontana, California area (909) area code, and is (what my girl told me) is either a sherriff or a local pig. But the text only had his nickname Dodger with the text reading “Oh what you do to me” “Oh what you do to me”. At first thought, that dumb Oscar Meyer hot dog song. But a few weeks later my girl actually handed me her phone so I could make a call and good ol KEN aka DODGER from FONTANA, CA and is an officer and is married sent another text reading “I really miss you babe”. Now I’m fucking pissed off. Now I question my girl and old friend my ass. After her denying things at first, then slowly telling me this dipshits ( excuse me (cheating lying unfaithful dipshit, I realize that he’s an ex dating site asshole whom she slept with and now texts anywhere from 60 to 100 texts a month. And the same is true about the other retards also. In fact I have yet to meet one of her old friends. You know like from high school. They don’t exist I guess but I’m supposed to believe that guys that respond to her profile and shit like that that they are “old friends” only thing old about DODGER IN FONTANA, CA is the fact that Iam positive that when he feels all nice n secure in his little cheated on marriage, I am gonna light his lil text happy ass world up. And 1 phone call should do it. Well then the mailing of one Manila envelope to his wifey and let me here those words again, “OH WHAT YOU DO TO ME” and “I REALLY MISS YOU BABE”. Those will be very well galvanized phrase etched into your mostly vacant mind. I did my homework Andit say Fontana, ca but I know your home address your home # and even the wife n kids names. But like I said. He will be comfy and I think February 14 th is a good day to watch a little piggy squeal. Cuz u have a badge means only one thing. I’m gonna hit ya even harder for being a fat fuckin outta shape pig. Have a nice valentines day. Miss ya “babe”.

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