Online Dating Resolutions

We may already be into 2020, but it’s not too late to add some resolutions to your New Years list, in regards to online dating. After using dating sites for a while, you might start to notice that you’re in a rut- you keep seeing the same people, having the same dates, and feeling the same sense of failure. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope, it just means that you need to stop, look at what you’re doing wrong, and change it. Here are some resolutions to make 2010 the best year for online dating ever.

1. Don’t over analyze

How many times have you been a little intrigued by a profile, but something about it (their income, a hobby you don’t like, their politics) turned you off and you immediately moved on? This year, take the time to give people a chance. Maybe you have completely different political leanings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great dinner full of interesting conversation!

2. Be more open-minded

Move outside your box. If you tend to lean towards one age group or ethnicity, try something new. There is a reason you keep meeting the same type- it’s because you’re only looking for that type! Just like trying new foods or sports, you might find something you like that you didn’t even know about!

3. Remain mysterious

Instead of having a profile that bullet-points everything about yourself, take the time to be creative in a way that will make people want to get to know you better. Instead of saying, “I like biking, reading, and kung fu movies,” say “I’m interested in physical and mental activities, and have movie tastes that might surprise you.” Someone who might have passed over your profile might be encouraged by this to send you a message!

4. Look past looks

If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times- looks aren’t everything. Many people who have met their soul mate say that they initially weren’t physically attracted to them, but that eventually their personality made them the most attractive person in the world. Alternately, a bad personality could make the most good-looking person seem ugly. Instead of concentrating on photos, read people’s profiles and look for someone you’re mentally and emotionally attracted to.

5. Don’t be afraid of different sites

Have you been on the same site for years? Most likely a mainstream, commercialized site? There is no reason not to try something new, perhaps a site that you usually wouldn’t visit, like You might find someone that you’d have never encountered before!

Sometimes to make a change in your life, you have to drop everything you’re doing and start over. The same goes for online dating. It’s time to take these resolutions and make a real change in your online dating life!