Reexamine Your Dating Persona

Is your dating life becoming stagnant? Meeting the same people, feeling disappointed with each new person you meet online or in person? Getting a lonely feeling even in a crowd of thousands? You may need to pull yourself out of the dating crowd for a bit and reexamine your dating persona. By taking time to take a hard look at yourself instead of the people around you will help you understand why your dating trials are failing. Here are the first steps you should take when reexamining your dating persona.

1) Take a deep breath…

and slow down. When you’re on a hunt for your “true love,” your internal clock often tell you that you’re running out of time. This causes you to stress out, become maniacal, and very possibly make poor choices in your dating world. Take a yoga class, practice meditation, or spend a few days reading a book and separating yourself from places where you’re inclined to look for love.

2) Reinvent your style

A good change of scenery or wardrobe can give you a fresh outlook on what your looking for. As a singleton, putting on your same favorite “hot outfit” could be the reason you attract the same type of people all the time. Try something new and you may notice you’re now bold enough to talk to different types of people.

3) Try out a new site

If you’ve been seeing the same people on your haunts for months, you may want to try a new site that you might have never thought to try before, like Although they may come off as more casual than you thought you’d want, you’ll avoid the more stuffy, uptight folks you meet on the more mainstream sites.

4) Take a trip

Not only does a quick weekend away calm your nerves and relax you, but grabbing a friend and hitting the town in a new city could give you the spark in romance you’ve been looking for!

5) Get your blood pumping

If hitting the bars and clubs has done nothing but introduce you to lifeless singles, going somewhere athletic and different- a rock climbing gym, a water sports class, or yoga (again!) could introduce you to a type of person who will inspire and intrigue you. The key to examining your dating persona is asking yourself where changes should come, and where you’re searching should be step one.

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