Relationship Must-Have: Laughter

In a recent article on, the author talks about a recent interview with First Lady Michelle where she discusses her “Rule for a Happy Marriage”: laugh a lot. Apparently, she told a room full of reporters that the key to their lasting marriage is laughter and not taking themselves too seriously.

We got to thinking about it, and it makes sense. There is a reason that so many dating profiles say they’re looking for someone with a great sense of humor. Or why guys who otherwise might not be given a second glance become sex symbols because they are just so funny you’re drawn to them.

But we got to thinking, once you’re in a relationship, why is laughter so important?

We thought of a couple reasons:

1) Gives you something in common

We’ve all been around the couple that constantly makes little inside jokes together. It’s almost irritating because you’re like, “why can’t I be involved?!” However, these kinds of small inside jokes can help to keep a couple bonded and close.

2) Gets you through tough times

Remember when SNL wasn’t sure if they were going to air the week after 9/11? And then they decided to? And it was great, because people were able to laugh despite a horrible tragedy having just happened? At an obviously much smaller scale, that’s what laughter can be to your relationship. The good times can be made better with a funny joke, but the bad times can be improved with a laugh as well.

3) Builds trust

Laughter releases endorphins and the hormone oxytocin, naturally occuring chemicals which relieve stress and give the laugher a feeling of well-being and belonging. A great relationship full of laughter will keep the couple happy and close for a lifetime.

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