Science of the Friend Zone?

One of the most used searches to get to DatePro is the saddest two-word phrase on the planet: “Friend Zone.” We have stewed over and contemplated the depressing¬†area known as the Friend Zone for some time now, trying to decide if there is a secret passage out of it, or a way to skip the room all together, or if perhaps, unfortunately, it’s a region you’ll be stuck in forever.

We might have found the reason, and its quite the double-edged sword: The Pill.

We read a post over at the OnlineBootyCall blog a few days ago (a blog which frequently presents pretty convincing material on why people should avoid marriage) that talked about recent research that showed oral contraceptives might actually contribute to the massive divorce rate. According to the study they cited, The Pill causes a woman’s body to believe she is pregnant, screwing up her hormones, and causing her to be attracted to men who remind her of her father or brother (or some other comforting male presence), instead of being attracted to a man she should reproduce with. Because of this, many times when a woman in a long term relationship (or marriage) decides to stop taking oral contraceptives, her hormones switch back to normal and her body decides it is not attracted to her boyfriend/husband anymore. The shift can be devastating to a marriage.

So what does this mean for the dreaded Friend Zone?

Well, it’s possible that a girl who you believe you have great chemistry with, who is exactly your type and vice versa, might not be attracted to you in “that way” because of her birth control! It’s not unimaginable to believe that women who are on birth control (which is a large percentage of the dating-aged populace), might be looking in the wrong place for love… and it’s not their fault. The hormones in their very-important daily medication could be screwing with their brain and causing them to see you as a loving brother figure instead of someone they’d want to be in a romantic relationship with.

Unfortunately you can’t just tell a woman “hey stop taking the pill ’cause I think we’re meant for each other,” so these findings might be more negative than positive.

The only good thing to come out of is the knowledge that hey, you might be right. She might be perfect for you and you for her, but she’s literally drugging herself into not being attracted to you.

So, you know. That’s a pleasant thought.