Should Men Only Date Women In Their League

We should know better than to try and combat the “findings” of the Daily Mail. I mean, I’m pretty sure most of the educated browsers of the internet know that the UK website is a crock of you-know-what, but just in case there are people out their still taking their advice from the “news” site, we’d like to at least discuss this headline:

Downside of dating a beauty: If a woman’s more attractive than her man, the relationship may be doomed

A tad bit threatening, don’t you think? According to the Daily Mail, a researcher has come to the conclusion that although relationships where the man is more handsome can handle the test of time, those where the woman is considered more attractive are more likely to fail.
For the study, they took 100 photos of couples and had study participants rate them on their looks. In the relationships where the man was considered more attractive, the relationship lasted for quite some time. In the relationships where the woman was more attractive, however, it tended to only last a few months. Researcher Rob Burriss believes that it may be because women are in control of the relationships. So women who are very attractive and more likely to find a new mate will leave relationships once they’ve run their course, where as plainer women will believe they have to ‘make do with what they have, hence the longer relationships.”
We’re not sure how to react to these findings.
Are women really in control of the relationship? Are less attractive women likely to stay with a guy they don’t really like? Are more attractive women likely to leave at any given moment? What do you think?