Should You Show Your Friends Your Online Dating Profile?

Jessica Wakeman over at The Frisky took some time to write up 8 great reasons why online daters should show their friends their profiles, and it’s true – your friends know you best and will be able to take a look at your profile and see if it’s an honest, positive reflection of your true personality. Here is her list in its entirety:

1. Your pictures suck.

2. You’re whiny.

3. You’re creepy. 

4. You’re too vague.

5. Your music/movie/book tastes come off as pretentious. 

6. You’re misrepresenting your height/weight/salary/interests.

7. Your online dating handle is just plain weird.

8. You sound less awesome than you are in reality.

Of course she gives a little more insight into her reasons, so head over to The Frisky for the more elaborate explanation behind “you’re creepy.”

However, are there ever any reasons not to show your friends your online dating profile? We can think of a few reasons, like the fact that the person you are around your friends is probably not the same as the person you want to be with a fresh new potential mate, etc.

What do you think? Would you show your friends your online dating profile?