Signs the Relationship is Almost Over

There are certain problems in a relationship that can be healed with time, a fancy dinner, and lots of sex. On the other hand, there are problems in a relationship that mean certain death to a couple, and ignoring those could lead to a very disastrous break up. If you notice one or more of these occurring in your relationship, you should get out now and save yourself the hassle.

1. You think you’re smarter than them

If one of you is living day to day thinking the other is a cute little dummy, the relationship is not going to work. You both have to have respect for each others’ intellects, even if they are in different areas. Just because your SO is better at math but not so great at spelling doesn’t mean you think they’re an idiot. But if you think their only¬†discernible¬†skill is oral sex, that doesn’t count.

2. You don’t care about your appearance anymore

If you start noticing they’ve been picking their nose in front of you without any shame, or if you’ve neglected to wear anything other than the frumpiest outfits around them anymore, it might be a sign that you don’t really see them as a sexual entity anymore. Perhaps you are still “best friends” but the lack of sex negates the relationship.

3. TV in the bedroom

Similar to the previous problem, preferring to watch TV or read a book in bed instead of having sex is a good sign that perhaps you two have lost your spark. Now, doing this occasionally isn’t a bad thing, we all have our “blah” days, but rolling over to watch Seinfeld reruns instead of having a romp every night isn’t healthy.

4. Spending more time apart

If you start preferring to go on vacations with your friends or even just alone, it might be evidence that you are subconsciously (or consciously) trying to distance yourself. Usually, in sync couples like going on vacations together. Perhaps not always, but shouldn’t you want to experience new things with your other half?

5. Masturbation increases

We’re not opposed to a little… er… self-service every now and then, but if you would rather take care of yourself than be naked with your mate, you obviously aren’t into them anymore. And if you find yourself taking care of business even with a fair amount of sex, it means you’re not being satisfied.

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