Study Claims ‘Cougars’ Do Not Exist

Talk about a battle royale!

The term “cougar” as we’ve discussed previously, generally implies a woman over 40 who tends to “prey” on much younger men. They’re in their sexual peaks, looking for men who can handle their burgeoning sexuality and also serve as “arm candy,” a position that, up until recently, was held for younger women and their much older companions. Demi Moore, a 40+ actress, was the poster child for this phenomenon, dating and eventually even marrying the much younger Ashton Kutcher.

As the term gained popularity and began inching its way into the mainstream, cougar themed events, cruises, TV shows, and dating sites all jumped on the train. However, the idea of the cougar-cub relationship always carried a playful vibe… nothing serious, very casual, and usually short term. So it makes sense that a recent study showed that among most mainstream dating profiles, women overwhelmingly stated that they were looking for men either their age or older. Similarly, men displayed what we’ve known for centuries: the majority of them wanted younger women.

These results, presented by noted psychology researcher at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, Michael Dunn, were not well received by the pro-cougar crowd. Many called it misogynistic and anti-cougar, claiming that there have been many studies in the past that showed older women were still feeling sexual enough to pursue relationships with younger men.

Needless to say, we’re torn. While we know it’s probably true that older women looking to settle down (which are much of what you find on dating sites) would probably skew towards the older end of the scale, we also agree with the pro-cougar crowd… it’s apparent that fun, casual relationships between younger men and older women are cropping up more and more as women become more empowered and men more progressive.

What do you think? Is the cougar-cub relationship a myth perpetrated by dating sites and pop culture? Or are relationships between older women and younger men actually making a boom on the dating scene?

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