Study Shows How to Spot Liars Online

Next week, DatePro will share our own research on how to spot overseas scammers online, so you can safeguard yourself against getting your heart (and possibly pocket book) broken a scammer while on your online dating adventure. However, today we came across some research that helps you decipher whether a person is just plain lying online!

According to ABS-CBN news, there are some ways to tell whether someone you are chatting with online is lying about themselves. The study, by Catalina Toma of University of Wisconsin – Madison, analyzed the use of linguistics of 78 online dating profiles, and seemed to show that online daters making false statements “distance themselves from their deceptive statements.”

Here are the results of their study:

The more deceptive the profile, the less likely an online dater uses the first-person pronoun “I.”
A liar employs “negation” — he or she uses “not sad” instead of “happy,” and “not boring” instead of “exciting.”
A person who lies in his or her online dating profile tend to write shorter descriptions. The less he or she writes, the fewer untrue things he or she may have to remember and support later.
If he or she lied about her age, height or weight, the person is more likely to avoid discussing about appearance and instead turn to work or life achievements.

These tips are a great starting point when you being courting someone online. They can help you judge whether a person you are talking to is looking for an honest relationship, or instead is someone who will lie, cheat, or steal their way throughout your time together.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for the new online dater to help them avoid being lied to online?