Dating Site Claims Women Will Date Men 30 Years Their Elder

If you were to go on the dating site, you’d probably find that a large majority of the members are okay with extra-marital affairs. And if you were to survey the members of the dating site, you’d probably notice that most of them would prefer casual dating than long-term relationships. However, these two statements would not make the same true for the general population.

The same could be said for the inaccuracy of this survey’s “findings” from They claim that “52% of the women who completed the survey said they would be comfortable dating a man who was 30 years older than them”.

I think we can all join together for a hearty “DUHHHHH.” Of COURSE the “sugar baby” members of a sugar daddy dating site would say that. I can make a wild assumption that the same survey would show that 100% of men would be comfortable dating a woman 30 years younger than them.

While we understand the point of these surveys is to bring attention to the fact that there are like-minded people looking to date in the world, we’d still say that they are a false display of statistical data. Come on, dating sites. Be more creative ;)