Surviving the Quarantine While Single

If you, like millions of Americans, are currently under orders to stay at home, you may be feeling stressed and bored – cabin fever to the max! While you may not be able to go about your normal activities like hitting the gym, grabbing happy hour, etc… you can still make the most of time at home. Here are a few tips to stay sane as a single on quarantine:

  1. Laugh: Whether it’s watching reruns of your fave show, listening to a podcast or comedy standup routine, or scrolling through Coronavirus memes, getting some laughter in your life is necessary!
  2. Sweat: Tons of fitness industry leaders are offering free or heavily discounted streaming workouts to help keep you in shape while gyms are closed. Bring your tablet or phone to a local park (assuming it’s empty)  to get an added boost of Vitamin D.
  3. Socialize: Zoom has proven to be a stellar tool for friends and family to stay connected while unable to leave their homes. Set up a Zoom happy hour with your buddies and virtually toast to the future.
  4. Cook: Whether you’re trying to save money or just get better in the kitchen since most restaurants are shuttered (hey, a good chef is mega sexy), brushing up on your cooking skills is the ultimate use of time stuck indoors. Use blogs, Pinterest, or social media streams to learn to cook tasty, healthy food to fuel you for these strange times.
  5. Flirt: We’ve shared our tips for flirting safe while socially distancing using online dating sites! You can easily and safely (and affordably, if you’re feeling this pandemic in your wallet too) meet local singles on whatever dating site fits your needs. By the time the lockdown is over, you’ll know enough about the peeps you’re chatting with to know if you really want to meet them in person.