The Case for Online Dating

Although online dating has exploded into the mainstream and statistics show some 30% of internet users worldwide have tried online dating, there are still those about who are afraid of (or ashamed to) try an online dating site. Here are a few reasons that those people should take a hard look at themselves and realize that online dating is more than just a fad.

1) Getting to know someone before you meet

Going on dates can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s a blind date, but by communicating online first, you can get a lot of the awkward parts out of the way, and you can meet for the first time with at least a few ideas for topics of conversation. I don’t know anyone who enjoys the awkardness of the first date, so why wouldn’t you want to get rid of it altogether?

2) Improving your dating skills

We’ve all got weird quirks, silly habits, or nervous ticks that make us feel uncomfortable when dating a new person. When you use an online dating site, perhaps Metrodate or LavaLife, even if you don’t meet the love of your life, at least it gives you the chance to see that dating doesn’t have to be scary. You’ll gain confidence and learn to show your personality without being nervous. It’s like taking a dating class, minus how incredibly lame those are.

3) Broadening your horizons

Most of the people you will meet on dating sites are the type of people that you wouldn’t normally approach or even meet. They might live on the other side of town, go to different coffee shops or bars, or might be very busy students orbusiness people. By exploring different dating sites, you might find someone that is made for you, but that you just would never have encountered in the outside world.

4) Perfect for a busy life

Are you a hard working student? Maybe a business woman with a demanding schedule who can’t get out much? Either way, online dating is perfect for the busy man or woman. You can check your dating profile any time, day or night, and chat with singles in your precious few minutes before planning your date.

5) Saves money

Although most dating sites charge a monthly or yearly fee, the amount of money people usually spend on dating, what with drinks, clothes, dinners, presents, and more, ends up costing tons more. WIth online dating you can get to know people before you start dropping the big bucks on them.

Saving money, meeting quality people, and making the most of your time? Can you even think of a reason that online dating isn’t beneficial?