The Correlation Between Sex and Love

An infographic recently released gives the single crowd some hope, showing that “love” and sex are not actually that highly correlated, and in fact love and REJECTION are more closely related. The kind folks at BuzzFeed did a little research using Google insights to see when people search for “love”, “sex”, and “rejection,” and the results show an unexpected trend.

Searches for “love,” not surprisingly, peak during February, with people likely looking for Valentine’s ideas and ways to spark a little romance in their lives. Searches for “sex” are fairly unseasonal, but do take a bit of a jump during the summer months (we imagine it has to do with all the extra skin we see during the warmth of July). The unfortunate part is where the “rejection” searches peak: right after the “love” ones do. We imagine that although you see a few thousand proposals during this romantic time, the breakups are probably pretty rampant as well, as are the confessions of unrequited love.

So what does that tell us? Perhaps that sex isn’t the “ultimate expression of love” like we imagined as kids? That maybe falling in love is not as likely a direct ticket to Sexville, and more a direct ticket to Misery City? What do you think?