The Silly Side of Online Dating

If there is a theme we’ve noticed in peoples’ attitudes towards online dating, it’s that people are far too polarized on the issue. While some believe it is a surefire way to meet the love of their life and be married within 6 months, others consider it to be a complete waste of time. There are too few people who treat online dating as it truly is – another venue to meet other singles who might share interests in a world that has been made significantly smaller with the invention of the internet.

So, while we usually like to seriously analyze the world of online dating, today we’re sharing some silly screencaps from BuzzFeed, where several users have forever captured some of the funniest online dating profiles we have ever seen. While some may be jokes, there are probably a good percentage of them that are 100% serious, and if you can’t laugh at these, you might need to take a look at your own online dating profile!

For more hilarious OKCupid screencaps, head over the Buzzfeed for a good laugh. And remember, online dating is about fun, so keep it light!